Dress Up And We’ll Watch: Starfields09 by Elise
September 29, 2009, 1:43 pm
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So a few days ago before Starfields we told you guys that we’d be at the event taking pictures of outfits we felt were ravey but also unique. Everyone looked great, and we took tons of pictures. Several girls mixed the studded rocker trends in with their brights, and others accented a very “them” outfit with one Starfields-esque accent, like a neon hairbow or two. We were especially into people who mixed several textures into their outfits. No one wore heels, everyone was wearing some kind of sneaker or flat (great choice because the ground would have been a bitch to walk on in anything other).

We felt that the fresher above went a little bit beyond just the neon yellow leggings and crazy face paint. We loved her rhinestone studded bandeaux, and the sheer royal blue chiffon racer-back top she put over it. She also wore shiny leggings, charcoaly grey leg warmers, and some pretty cool sneakers, with piled on bracelets and loose hair.


Stilettos and Champagne? Is there anything better? by Sara
September 29, 2009, 1:26 pm
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The best present a girl could ask for is now available in an ingenious box set combination. No, it’s not diamonds or chocolate; as much as we love them, we’ve got to admit, chocolate and diamonds are a little cliche. Piper Heidsieck champagne has teamed up with always fabulous Christian Louboutin and created one of the most innovative box sets I have seen in a while. This sleek black patent leather heel with a fire-engine red sole and a daunting glass spindle is quite the master piece. Plus you also get champagne! Now I haven’t tasted Piper Heidsieck, so I can not vouch for the taste, but I’m guessing its pretty delicious considering their match up; plus their website is quite intriguing. And what a way to get publicity, hats off to you PH! All I wanna know now is: Where can I find this??

shoes and champagne
(image via highsnobiety)

(via highsonbiety)

We Keep Seeing Chantal Thomass Umbrellas. by Elise
September 29, 2009, 1:21 pm
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Todays the first rainy day in St. Andrews this term. I always find it interesting to see how well people can maintain their look while it’s all gross and wet outside and the wind is whipping their hair around. I also find it interesting that no group of people seems to have this skill down better than St. Andrews girls. It might be disgusting outside but that doesn’t seem to be an excuse to go shlumping around. The Wellies come out (speaking of which, I saw a couple Welly Ball advertisements today) and so do the nice umbrellas. 

And we’re seeing signs that the umbrella of choice this year may the distinctive Chantal Thomass design. These umbrellas are made for her by Guy de Jean in Paris. I saw three of them on Market St, during a one hour time span. Impressive. Chantal Thomass, in case you don’t know, is the French lingerie designer of our generation. She’s famous for her decadent looks and her attention to lush, seductive details. She is always of the attitude that sexiness should be an unapologetic, every day experience. And of course, this can affect your umbrella choice. If there are unsexy umbrellas and sexy umbrellas, Chantal Thomass definitely produces the latter. The three Thomass umbrellas I saw today had the trademark “pagoda” point at the top (like the roof of a chic French carousel) and were soft pink and beige (only Chantal Thomass could make beige a sexy color) and pink with black lingerie style ruffles. Delicious.

Seriously Legit by Dan
September 28, 2009, 8:12 pm
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I always try to be quite picky with the things that I write about on Frankly, most of the stuff I play in my sets wouldn’t make the cut onto this site, but this is my set-wetdream (setdream?). Anyway, this is a live mix done by VENT at Breakspool 2009. Note that absolutely amazing mixing powerhouse on decks – then appreciate. One of the things that I think gets lost in a lot of beat-matching is subtlety. Sure someone can beat-match ; frankly, in the 21st century, its about as hard as spending £150 on a computer program and spending an hour analyzing all your tracks. The true art in beat matching comes from subtlety: not just matching the beat, but vibe and melody as well. This is something that you can really hear in VENT’s mix. He only mixes another song in when he thinks it would benefit the song. Well done, sir

Finally, one thing I hate about this is the fact that BBC Radio 1 threw their illigit stamp on it half way through. Come on guys, have some advertising decency. Anyways, here it is:

VENT at Breakspool 2009

(via Noise Porn)

Annie Mac’s Good Taste in Music by Dan
September 28, 2009, 11:14 am
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Dear loyal readers. Why does Annie Mac have such good taste in music but still manage to suck so much on Radio 1? Apparently one of her favorites at the moment is a wonderful little track from our friend Fake Blood. The song is called “I think I like It” and I absolutely love it.

Fake Blood – I Think I Like It

Goodbye to our beloved Wayfarers? by Sara
September 27, 2009, 3:14 pm
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As we know, almost any upstanding student at the University St. Andrews owns at least one pair of Wayfarers. Its pretty must a St. Andrews style staple. However a new frame is on the rise. Just the other day the Urban Outfitters Blog did a post on the new collaboration between Moscot and actor Justin Theroux. Together they have come out with a marketable copy of the frames Theroux wore in the cult classic Mulholland Drive. And whats even better is that the Moscot-Therouxs come as both sunglass and regular eye-wear! I do believe I will be seeing more and more of these frames popping up around St. Andrews as the year progresses; we’ll just have to wait and see if our beloved Wayfarers can withstand the new competition. Check out other great Moscot designs at!

Whatcha Gonna Wear? Starfields09 by Sara
September 26, 2009, 8:00 am
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Starfields09 Look 1

Well there’s all your usual rave gear (we know you have it because you go to St. Andrews): neon spandex leggings, hot pink and yellow nail polish, those shirts in bright colors with day-glow graphics on them, and those beloved shutter shades. But what should we do a bit differently for this year? We think the hardest thing to achieve with rave gear is maintaining your own style. We all know it’s pretty easy to pull on a bright t-shirt dress and paint your nails hot pink. But then you’re just another girl at the bar. And while some raves are all about being part of that sea of pulsing white t-shirts, we go to St. Andrews, and we crave a little more than typical.

So we propose a opportunity. is going to be at Starfields 09 with our cameras at the ready to capture some of the coolest, most individual looks at the event. Dress up and we’ll watch. See you there!

P.s. Word of advice: no heals, there are holes in the ground; and no Wellies, do you ever really dance in them anyway?
Starfields09 Look 2