Last Night’s Highlights by Elise
October 31, 2009, 5:30 pm
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Did you guys go out last night? Of course you did. Bongo Ball was actually ridiculous. Everyone got very much into the theme, with body paint and wild hair and plenty of over the top costuming. Some of our favorite outfits were those that incorporated an African twist into evening garb, like the guys who found jungle print bow ties and cummerbunds and a specific friend of ours who found the time to painstakingly add zebra stripes a white button down. The venue was very fitting for the event and although the bar was clogged up at first, we thought the drinks vouchers (if you got all five like you were supposed to) were a smart idea (cuts out the having to wait for change bit). The energy of the crowd was admirable, especially because of how long they were able to keep partying. Did we see you at the after party on Hope Street?

Other than the fact that it was raining pretty ridiculously (it made waiting for busses just a little bit more uncomfortable that usual), it was a pretty much fantastic night. If you weren’t at Bongo perhaps you were at that other Greyfriars party? Pretty exhausting. But no excuses, it’s Halloween night so get your energy up and we’ll see you out.


Boutique Sneak Peak: Fox and Bhut by Elise

Earlier in the week we were in Fox and Bhut on Bell Street looking at some of the brands the shop carried and getting excited about seeing their pieces in St. Andrews fashion shows this spring. We mentioned that they carried a lot of jewelry, clothing, and accessories that were produced by charities and that they take ethical clothing manufacturing very seriously. Well, we’re all for the ethical so we thought we’d post a few photos of pieces that really really nice buyers at Fox&Bhut have ordered in for spring.

These are Christopher Raeburn ponchos made out of parachutes previously used by the military. They look like they could be a pretty edgy way to cut the wind down Market Street and a great way for the fashion adventurous to recycle. They’ll be a bit pricey, but certainly unique.


Also this spring, the Environmental Justice Foundation have invited designers to take part in a campaign for ethical fashion involving lots of organic cotton. Christian Lacroix, John Rocha, and Luella are only a few on the list of designers who are participating to create a line of limited edition t-shirts that all look great for layering. Fox&Bhut has ordered some in. We’ll be checking back.



Victorian Inspiration by Sara
October 29, 2009, 12:40 pm
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Eros Octave

Eros Octave

After scrolling through some of Eyola‘s designs I came to understand that these pieces were not just fashion, but art. Now I’ve talked about fashion as artistic representation before, but that does not mean that I think all fashion is art (nor that all clothing is fashion for that matter). A piece or collection in any medium can be a work or art for any number of reasons. For Eyola, it is the amount of research, thought and attention to detail that goes into it’s creations (not merely pieces). With such a professional creative approach it should come as no surprise that the designer behind the label, Aloye, has worked for Alexander McQueen! Aloya’s vision for the line is very focus; the fundamental inspiration for Eyola is in the Victorian Era in the modern world. Everything from the broad lavish nature of the times to the historically correct detail in the choice of colour palette ties the label back to its inspiration. The bold colours used were not just merely the fashionable, they were because they were new; “this was after all the era when famous chemist William Perkins discovered brightly coloured dyes,” Eyola states in it’s ‘orgins’ page. Another historical detail is found in the label’s organization. The collections take the form of ‘octettes’, representing the the number 8 the and the hourglass corset image form the Victorian Era the number’s shape makes. Each octette is comprised of eight individually crafted designs, which are only available for purchase upon request. Aloye’s researched and detailed approach is not lost in the chosen medium, i.e. cloth, but instead enhanced. I can just imagine what an transforming experience it must be to wear these pieces when the images of the designs themselves evoke a feeling of misty luster and mystical extravagance of another time. All this is not to say these pieces can not be worn in our day and age, although there are some I would not dare to walk the streets in (not because of their lack of beauty, but because of their extravagant nature). Eyola is truly a glimpse into another reality, one where past and present fuse together. I also love what was done with the name, Aloye… Eyola, it’s a very nice touch.

(via UO Blog)

It’s Getting To Be That Time Again… by Elise
October 29, 2009, 11:46 am
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…Time for Kate Moss to design another exciting collection for Topshop! This time around, we’re excited about her Holiday 2009 collection which came out today. Topshop has had a few previews bouncing around for awhile, some of which we posted a little while ago.

The collection seems to involve a lot of Asian components, incorporating kimono style silhouette and bamboo and lotus flower prints. Click here for a cute interview with Kate Moss about the inspiration behind the collection, and her tastes in lingerie (another influence behind the collection). I like some of the glimmery little dresses because they seem more Christmasy than the Asian pieces. Would you wear clothing inspired by the Orient for the Holidays? 


Guess Who’s Coming To Town… by Elise


Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Edinburgh. Finally. I mean, they only have one branch in all of Scotland, and we all know it’s two hours away in Glasgow. The only questionable thing about this whole scenario is that the Princes Street store is going to become one out of very few acceptable places to buy clothes close to St. Andrews. So everyone’s going to go there, and a lot of people might have the same outfits. But then again, one of the things Urban is great at is pumping out a large variety of clothes. Their looks are extremely unique, can fit into a lot of different wardrobes, and come for a range of prices. So hey, we’re not complaining. Join the Facebook fan page for more information.

Legit Clips: Fox & Bhut by Dan
October 28, 2009, 5:00 pm
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The crew headed over to the recently opened Fox & Bhut to see whats up. Check out the video for the full details and all the awesomeness. We especially enjoyed finding out how seriously Fox & Bhut take ethical fashion and charity causes. Thanks to Darlings for the music and don’t forget to pick up their song Eviction Party off the album Yeah I Know.

Don’t Walk is Back by Dan

For those of you who haven’t heard already, Dont Walk is back for 2010 and they’re back with a bang! Yeah I know its a little “late” in the year and FS launched their new look a few weeks back but in all honesty, whats the rush? Both of the fashion shows are in March 2010 – its not like if DW were to wait a few more weeks it would impact their sales at all. After all, they’ve never NOT sold out…ever. Word on the street is that their launch party is going to be at the end of November/early December with no definitive date or place set yet. I think as they have moved from sponsoring Invisible Children to Bottletop, we can expect a change of similar magnitude in the appearance of their launch party. I’m thinking stuff involving bottletops but who knows?

Until then, check out this sicknasty video our very own Sara Friend put together for DW’s launch.