What Did You Think? by Dan
February 28, 2010, 2:07 am
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Downie With Saint A by Dan
February 27, 2010, 7:48 pm
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For those not fortunate enough to make it to St. Andrews Loves Haiti and grab a glimpse of our most recent photo shoot, you can take a look at all of the photos on our facebook page. We owe a very large thanks to the amazing woman who took and edited all those, the charming and beautiful Emma Downie. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking a look at her work. Below are just some of the highlights from her career. Enjoy!

Butlers Goes Sweet by Katie
February 27, 2010, 1:41 pm
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I got a little overexcited when I heard the news, but after trying one of Butler’s new sweet wraps I was pretty let down to find out that it’s not actually a crepe.  Advertised on the window are three wraps, with filling combinations of apples, sugar, cranberry, peanut butter, banana, and nutella, however they were out of most of the ingredients when I tried to order one.  They put the fillings in the same wrap bread as their normal wraps and toast it quesadilla style and cut it into thirds.  My apple cranberry and sugar one didn’t really do the trick… I might just stick to trying all their new varieties of wraps that keep popping up on decorative signs.  Everyone is a little bit crepe crazy, and I look forward to see if the rumored late night crepe stand outside the union materializes, and there’s no doubt that crepes at FS tonight will be in high demand, cant’t wait!

Don’t Believe The Hype by Dan
February 26, 2010, 8:30 pm
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40 kisses

Forty questions starting with why?, why?, why?..oh WHY!, did they have to f*ck with our beloved Sailor Jerry spiced rum may us bartenders ask. Yes believe it or not, but the blended natural mix of aromatics- (cherry, vanilla and almond) is about to be changed and changed for good. For all those that have the sweetest tooth in the world better be quick on the mark to lap up this lush rum because as of mid March, the product is being changed in recipe and stature. As one of our budding taste demons said “the beauty of our seen today Sailor Jerry is that it is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink”, now after sampling its replacement its like having the back of the throat brushed with a cactus. An ugly cactus at that. “Strong but goes down smooth” is undeniably true but changing the recipe so that drinking it neat is no longer a pleasure may be a shot in the foot. The essence remains, but the polish has been lost. If anything it is distinctly lacking in comparison. Rumour has it William Grant & Sons (the producers) were not happy with its mix-ability in an ever-growing cocktail scene, *cough**bull**cough*, thus the reason for change. Big Norm (Norman Sailor Jerry Collins) clearly has some issues if they are changing an already super-successful beverage, let’s hope his fan base does not cross the darkside and start bracing the dreaded rival in spiced rum, (it starts with M). Ha! Someone needs to tell this wannabe-pirate tattoo-artist to stop getting so off his god-damn tits so much. I dunno, maybe clear his head and get back in that distillery tasting room and produce some of the godly-sugary-coma-juice that once did hit the palate and start the party of sessions, that we have all grasped with both hands.
Apparently recipes grow better with age…and apparently all the bartenders in Forty are sex gods ahem, but jokes aside..We are hell-bent on the old sailor, and *weep weep*, sad to see the old boy go. RIP bloody good rum, hello sore throat. Over and Out.

Forty kisses.

40 kisses

Our New Guest Writers! by Dan
February 26, 2010, 7:45 pm
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the boys
Please give a warm round of applause for our newest guest writers, the Number 40 bar staff! Hailing from all over the globe, the Number 40 bar staff are known throughout town as the go-to guys and gals for drinks and recipes of all shapes and sizes. Through their articles, they will be exploring the wonderful world of drink making and giving us all some insight into what they do day in and day out. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

40 kisses

Spring. by Indie
February 26, 2010, 7:17 pm
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Spring time to me usually isn’t that exciting for guys clothes, if you minus the stuff that was displayed earlier in the year at various fashion weeks, New York a particular favourite – but it’s not wearable everyday now is it? Fred Perry however have come up with something to add a little splash of spring time to your wardrobe. This classic British brand encapsulates 1960s Britain, particularly the mod look, they even have a range of t-shirts designed especially to celebrate The Specials. In addition to this they have moved on from the clean look adopted by Raf Simons to creating a few exclusive pieces bound to catch your eye. A dash of flower power and paisley doesn’t sound appealing at the best of times, but Fred Perry have achieved this to make it look cool and sophisticated for the summer, in wearable tones on polo shirts, cardigans and monkey jackets. If you can get past the Paul Smith-esqness of some of the pieces they would look great on a sunny day, that is if we can shed our coats!

Rodarte A/W 10-11 Shoes by Sara
February 26, 2010, 6:51 pm
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I love these shoes Nicholas Kirkwood designed for Rodarte‘s AW 10-11 line. Well I love almost everything about these shoes, except for the heals – they just remind me of melting goop. But yea, besides that, the mix-matched colors and textures are exquisite! Check out some of Nicholas Kirkwoods older designs in this TrendLand post, he is officially one of my top ten favorite shoe designers!

(via TrendLand)