If You Are That Kind of Man, Cause I’m That Kind Of Girl by Sam
May 30, 2010, 5:41 pm
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Well its finally summer! Uni’s out, we’re all at home and moving onto a wonderful summer. To celebrate, lets bring out the booty bounce! Udachi brings us a great remix of “Freak Like Me” by Adina Howard. I was always a fan of the original 90’s classic and Udachi doesn’t fail to impress. Enjoy.

Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Udachi Remix)


Not a big fan… by Sara

Although Vivienne Westwood‘s bondage shorts are fun and adventurous, I have to say I’m not a fan. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for innovation and testing the boundaries, but this particular piece of her Gold Label looks more like a glorified rock climber’s harness than anything else; there’s just too much going on.

(via highsnobette)

I don’t want to set the world on fire by Sara

The French animation collective H5 created this amazing short film, Logorama. Originally presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009, Logorama opened this years Sundance Film Festival and went on to win the 2010 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The short film, running about 16 minutes, was directed by François Alaux, Herve de Crecy, and Ludovic Houplain (all part of the H5). Continue reading

For The Late Nights by Sam
May 15, 2010, 7:53 am
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I love mixes for late night encounters. After the wonderful Luvstep I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find something as sexy. Thankfully, this didn’t prove to be true, as I’ve come across another great mix. It is an R&B mix by Ango  and its spectacularly produced. We don’t usually post R&B but I want to make an exception here. This mix is incredible and it reminds me of what Starkey would play if he was into more hip-hop.

From the Website

This time we’re switching gears and ANGO is taking us into the world of hip-hop, R&B, pop, funk, and chill-wave. But he is not rushing to lock it into just one genre – “Whatever. It’s all melodies, synths and drums really.” Indeed, the synths, melodies, and drums in ANGO’s beats make it for us here as well. When you’re ready for something fresh, download this and let the vibe-out sessions begin…

Big Up Magazine Podcast ft. ANGO

G & A Spink by Indie
May 14, 2010, 2:06 pm
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Today saw the successful opening of the new Fish Deli and Restaurant on Market street. I had their fish and chips take out and it was really good – better than the other places in town and it may even be a challenge to the place in Anstruther! I didn’t manage to get any snaps, but be sure to check it out! It has a take out at the front, a deli where you can get some pretty good-looking lobster and other fresh fish, and a sit down restaurant at the back. Let us know what you think…

Legends of Summer Style Pt. 2 by Sam
May 12, 2010, 11:48 am
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We return again today to one of the greatest style icons of the twentieth century, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.I’m pretty sure all of the students from New England are aspiring to be this man. But who wouldn’t want to be? He fought the commies, enjoyed the company of beautiful women, and was the most powerful man in the world at one point. Based on the picture below, he probably even came up with the phrase “I’m on a boat!”

This is St. Andrews style in a nutshell, boat shoes, sweaters, wayfarers, and some wonderful white slacks. I couldn’t imagine any other person to represent our wonderful town.

May Ball. by Indie
May 11, 2010, 11:56 am
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The headache from Saturday evening has finally subsided and the memories have slowly started to piece themselves back together of what was an amazing night! Hosted at Kinkell the KK get no points for originality, but this year’s ball was definitely a blast! This year I opted for a dinner ticket, which at first seemed ridiculously over priced, but on the night was worth it. Arriving early to a champagne reception and queue-less rides with only a hundred or so other guests was a massive perk, however standing around in the cold for a very long time before we were seated wasn’t so great! Once we got seated, warmed up and sufficiently fed and watered the atmosphere in the marquee was rowdy but with a St Andrews twist!And dare I say it…lots of banter!

Later on the rest of the guests arrived and the venue filled up with people enjoying their drinks tokens and the fairground rides letting loose before exams and celebrating the end of the year in style. The drinks system went down a treat and people seemed to be having lots of fun despite “The One Under” bar running out of cocktails mid-way. The music in the VIP tent was kicked off by our very own Dan Matthews, followed by some home-grown talent; Bring back the Planes. In the main arena I noticed a rather cocky indie band with the cliché hair and silly lyrics, but they served their purpose, warming up the room to make space for some more St Andrews showcasing – John Galvin. He threw down some crowd pleasing tunes accompanied by a Jazz band similar to that seen at the Bongo Ball and Masquerade.

Aside from this everyone looked great, guys donning tuxes and kilts and girls looking beautiful in all sorts of styles and summer colours. This was all let down a little however when at the end there was no sign of the traditional survivors breakfast and even worse no busses to get us out of Kinkell at four in the morning – but the KK kept us accommodated in the VIP tent and eventually everyone got home…I think…

All in all a great night, worth every penny for a good cause!

(photos by Oli Walker)