Hot For A Pink Delorean by Sam
August 30, 2010, 10:48 pm
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Welcome Home by Dan

This is extremely different from what we normally post for music. We got such a positive response from James Blake, this kind of melodic madness might start making more appearances on Continue reading

Talk About Eye Candy by Sara

I was browsing through Urban Outfitter’s beauty products and came across these ridiculous fake lashes! Pretty awesome right? I’d love to see someone sporting them in Fresher’s week, anyone up for the challenge?

Magnetic Man by Dan


Let me tell you about three young men named Skream, Benga and Artwork. They went on a magical adventure together. When they returned from this adventure, they were Magnetic Man – and so much more than the sum of its parts, Magnetic Man has so far released one track and had one top 10 single. Their fourth coming album is gonna blow minds and eardrums and if you’re anyone who’s anyone, you’ll be at their October 30th show in Sub Club, Glasgow. There has been quite a bit of hype thus far about Magnetic Man live shows. From everything I’ve been hearing, they sound like the Daft Punk of dubstep and drum n bass – using three computers to build original live renditions of their studio tracks. Skream and Benga have said they will mix in parts of their solo tracks as well. Dubstep mashup anyone?

Check out their most recent radio show from August 4th:

Magnetic Man – Radio Show

Summer Ditties by Sam
August 16, 2010, 11:39 pm
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I hope the summer is going quite well for all you dedicated readers. Soon enough we will all be back into the fray, but for now a couple of songs to keep the summer rolling in full force.

First, one of my favorite artists, Mimosa, is about to release a new EP in the coming months. To my great appeal he has released a little teaser to show off his new style. His new track entitled “Pushing Little Daisies” seamlessly blends his original psychedelic hip-hop style with UK step along the lines of Roska or Untold. If you like this, check out his Soundcloud account.

Pushing Little Daisies – Silver Lining LP (Out This Fall on Muti) by TigranMiMoSA

The moment I heard Groove Theory’s “Tell Me (Remix)” I instantly fell in love with it. The sexy vocal sample alone is enough for me to line this song up in my playlist. I am loving this new wave of 2-step! More Please, More!

Groove Theory – Tell Me (Remix) by George FitzGerald

Lazers Never Die – Rave Review by Dan

maja laza
This EP is what MIA’s horrible new album should have sounded like. The opening track, Sound of Siren sounds like an anthem for our scandalous, thieving, decision-regretting generation. The EP keeps going with tracks like Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub) and Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) that could keep the party chilled for hours – in the best of ways.
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