April 21, 2010, 2:51 pm
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A couple of us were agreeing that a Masquerade Ball (for all the preconceptions attached to the concept) attracts a wide variety of people. Tickets sold out, but the Champions Hall at the Old Course did not feel filled because of the Old Course’s capacity rules. The attendees were mostly 1st and 2nd years, but one has to remember that there are plenty of successful lowerclassmen events each semester and that the event will require their support if it wants to develop a reputation for the future. There was plenty of enthusiasm for the theme; everyone came masked, and not shabbily either. We were impressed with some of the homemade, authentic, and vintage pieces people wore. The raffle prizes were surprisingly fantastic (and the raffle itself was a great deal – you were entered with your ticket payment and for only one extra pound you could up your chances of winning something good). We might as well point out that for £20 you had a great deal over all, what with plenty of superb vodka and other drinks with your ticket.


Bibi’s Bakery Cupcakes
March 23, 2010, 3:50 pm
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Okay. It’s adorable. So cute. Guys will hate it. Well, maybe some will like it. They sell the cutest possible cupcakes in flavors like Earl Grey and Strawberry Cheesecake, plus some pink bakeware, like painted cookie-cutters in the shapes of animals and hearts. It reminds us of some of those tiny, trendy artisan bakeries in Washington D.C, where every single pastry is an art. The place was packed today, and although they don’t take cards at the moment, they will within the week. And it doesn’t matter that they already carried these cupcakes at Harbour House, and served them at DONT WALK. A new shop is always fantastic. Run over to South Street and get in line.

(photo via Sara Friend)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
March 17, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Happy St. Patricks Day from us. We’re assuming you’ve already started.

DONT WALK Womenswear
March 14, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Our verdict for womenswear = very impressed. And here are our main reasons: The level of continuity throughout the show was very high. Although these shows present a group of potentially mismatched collections and designers, DONT WALK was able to choose them carefully enough to put them together in a way that made sense. We were wondering how the themes of the show would come together, since the fall and spring photo shoots were lovely, but confusing. However on the actual night there was this running motif of the futuristic, minimalist, and strongly feminine, and you could clearly point that out in almost every outfit.

Another reason we give DONT WALK high marks is because of how well chosen outfits pertained to St. Andrews. We’re always reminding ourselves that at the end of the day, these are student fashion shows. While everyone should always work to shake off the mold, we appreciate how well DONT WALK honored our town’s existing street style, especially through the Barbour section of the show (now we know there are many choices beyond the slouchy green), the fun mix of wearable sorbet colored separates, and the umbrella sequence which opened the second act.

But pushing beyond St. Andrews style, the show was completely on trend, both in silhouettes and colors. We just loved how unique so many of the pieces were, and how well everything was styled with strong painted eyebrows and even stronger jewelry. It was suggested that skirts might be getting just a little bit longer, and that perfect fit makes perfect. The show was not brought down by last minute shoe choices or overly serious models (two things that often stick out for us).

Anyway, to follow: menswear post and a photo gallery taken by Sam of the audience’s outfits. It wasn’t just the models who were looking good after all.

March 9, 2010, 4:41 pm
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The final exclusive Alexander McQueen presentation had a strict personal photo ban, stating that specific media outlets would get official photographs of the outfits but that not just anybody could just leave w/ snapshots. But a NYTimes reporter snapped one on her iPhone anyway. Whoops.

March 5, 2010, 4:36 pm
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Whenever a store in St. Andrews closes I get a little bit excited just because there are so many companies and stores I would LOVE to see here and I’m always secretly hoping one of them will set up shop. When the art store of South Street closed I wasn’t hoping specifically for an antique store, but it was on the list. Rummage opened (across the street from Anyone For Tennis) about four weeks ago, and it’s already somewhat of a hit. It sells vintage clothing, and some antiques, along with locally designed jewelry (featured in Refet Afrique and Don’t Walk) and “pieces of interest”. There’s literally everything from full length fur coats to old photograph albums, and many of the coolest items (including china and dishes) go for under £15. We’re kind of entertaining freaks here at, so I immediately picked up some of the bone china and a silver plated coffee service (nice change from Starbucks takeaway cups) for very cheap. Other favorites were “love knot” mini vases (I think they would make unique ash trays, along with the dozens of old mismatched saucers and small dishes for sale), 1930’s road maps (cool wall coverings?) and yellow Depression glass goblets. I’m sure by now what with all the flat parties your wine glasses are completely broken, and Rummage is such a cool, reasonably priced place to find some authentic replacements for your kitchen. I like to remember that this vintage, antique look is what many interiors stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie try to recreate at a much steeper price. In fact the owner confessed that the reason she opened Rummage was to give students an alternative to the strange adventure that is IKEA. There aren’t that many clothes, at least not the immediately wearable type, but if you’re lucky you might find a 1940’s leather handbag or two. Stock is handpicked and goes fast, plus it is constantly changing. Check back often or peak in the window. You’ll probably see something you haven’t noticed before.

(photos by’s Sam McCulloch)

FS:X Womenswear
March 1, 2010, 9:30 pm
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Midway through the FS:X after party we asked somebody what they thought about the actual fashion on show, and they gave us an answer which we think defines the evening pretty well. “If we had wanted to see real fashion, we would have gone to fashion week.” This isn’t a negative statement at all, this is just pointing out the realistic: that FS:X presented a well thought out production of very current fashions that pertain to the St. Andrews community, and even though they were not necessarily dramatically fashion-forward, the clothing presented was no less on point for the student body. We doubt fashion was the main reason most people went to FS:X. For most, the student designers, lingerie (for the guys), and the showcasing of a couple new spring trends was enough. What we’re trying to say is that nobody’s going to judge this show in serious relation to the rest of the fashion world, you know? And therefore, we’re giving the womenswear at FS:X a good review.

The show confirmed a couple things for us. Suits for women are back (slim and sexy). Trousers are back (a favorite of this spring’s wearable trends). Pastels are it, and so are nudes, brights, and effortless, feminine shapes and textures (nice contrast against the event’s industrial venue). Some favorites were the floor-length gowns, three in particular which were a new take on screen-siren (see photos below). Random observations: Elle Macpherson Intimates were striking and flattering, Stuart Gladstone, Nicole Farhi, and Georgina Goodman were favorites, and we wished there had been less Jack Wills (we know they were sponsors, but…)

As far as student design goes, as fellow, well, “student designers” we congratulate anyone who has the technical skill to put anything on the runway. Sewing a single piece of clothing is very difficult and complex, let alone a full collection. A personal favorite was the floor-length princess-esque gown done by Emma Sherlock.

We also loved the hair, something rough and primal and curled beyond recognition. It juxtaposed some of the fashions, something “a little bit off but a whole lot of pretty”.

(photos courtesy of Nina Zietman and Ben Goulter)