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March 19, 2010, 10:22 am
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You may have noticed that we bartenders are particularly good at two things: making fantastic drinks, and drinking said fantastic drinks with a passion and vigour unmatched by many. We start early, and last longer than Ron Jeremy on Viagra. Tequila is introduced early on, and becomes an easy go to drink when decisive action gets remarkably difficult. Mixing drinks is not something that we ponder long (if at all). The more families of booze you get through in a night the better, consideration for the day after is not how we roll. I mean f*ck, who doesn’t love starting the party at lunch and running riot until close, creating havoc worth telling stories about along the way (I thank you). Consideration for your wingmen/bitches is essential in this scenario. Respect them (with tequila), respect your bartender (with tequila) and you’re sorted for each and every other antic that follows.

I want to let you into a little secret, two secrets in fact. Two lowly bartenders were having a ball the other night, and had the ridiculous idea of combining sailor jerry’s and red bull. Now I know we slated sailor jerry’s recently, but my god does it mix well with the winged beast. Great accident.

Best until last however. One of our favourite drinks down at 40 is so rarely ordered that it seems that many are missing out on a fantastic experience. RUM AND APPLE JUICE. You just can’t make this shit up. Gin and Tonic may be St. Andrews favourite drink, but in my opinion it has nothing on this, the bartender’s choice. In particular Angostura 1919 with apple juice, an amazing aged rum which is rarely ordered. I swear the bottle on our shelf is getting crows feet. Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise by describing the taste, all I’m going to say is that next time you’re sitting in a beer garden with the fresh smells of spring in your nose and glorious sun on your face, saunter to the bar and order an aged rum and apple juice. Not that you should necessarily switch up your “usual”, but    YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Enjoy!

Forty Kisses

(P.S. I would just like to add that this has nothing to do with the vast quantities of apple juice sitting in our cellar..)



Partida Tequila
March 8, 2010, 6:26 pm
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31st of December, 2004 was my first encounter with tequila. One bottle later, I was naked in a cold bath with my girlfriend and friend washing second hand jose cuervo *hurl* from my clammy skin. This was 10 o’clock, needless to say I did not welcome in the new year… it is with joy that i inform you my five year abstinence has been shattered by the wonderful world of premium tequila. In particular I am enthralled by a new discovery: Partida tequila.  Sweet and syrupy, with floral and citrus notes on the nose and a lovely gentle bite on your cheeks and tongue. Washed down with a sip of cold water, it leaves a beautiful natural sweetness in your mouth, begging you to drink more.

I love shotting tequila, you love shotting tequila, the word tequila is synonymous with party. But wait! This is not a tequila to be shotgunned. Premium sipping tequilas such as this one are comparable to fine wine. The Blue Agave which represent 100% of the sugars in Partida are cultivated for over 7 years on the Partida family estate before being hand harvested and turned into tequila using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. Our recommendation is toss that bloody shot glass over the shoulder and reach for a rocks glass get a handful of some lovely cracked ice, and ease on in to the spirit with a Sombrerro and Pancho ready to experience the best that Mexico has to offer. Oh and by the way tequila is the fashionable drink this year, taking over its spirited rival rum. Prepare yourselves kids, could be a trend-setting messy one.

Forty Kisses