Dan is the founder of He is currently Second year at University of St. Andrews and is studying Psychology as an arts student. He plans to graduate with a single honours degree. In his first year, he DJ’d St. Andrews’ own Dont Walk 2009 fashion show as well as numerous St. Andrews Radio events and the Bassface nights at Catch. In his second year, he has moved on to be the Resident DJ for Bassface, Head of Artists and Entertainment for Starfields 2009 (huge success!), the Head of Advertising for St. Andrews Radio, and the Head of Music for Dont Walk 2010.

Likes: Dubstep, Kuduro, Electro, The French, Easy Mac

Dislikes: Annie Mac

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Sara is a founding member of and currently a third year pursuing a masters with honors in Anthropology at University of St. Andrews. Her interest in fashion started while designing and sewing cloths as a young girl. This love of designing drew Sara into the fashion world, as she continues to make her own clothes inspired by what she sees around her. In her first year at uni she directed and edited a film of the Dont Walk 2009 Charity Fashion Show. The following summer Sara did an internship at the prestigious post production film company, Post Factory NY; ever since she is excited about combining these two interests: fashion and film. Last year continued to peruse these interests as videographer for the Dont Walk Charity Fashion Show 10; her a line of her designs were featured in the show as well. This year Sara will also be contributing a line to Dont Walk 11.

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Look at him with the big bottle of smirnoff...
Indie is a second year History student at the University of St Andrews, but don’t let that put you off. He loves his friends, partying and food. He spent a half a year working in the European and US fashion circuits, and the next few months in South Africa teaching, so hopes he has maintained some sense of reality in the bubble. He’s interested in radio, and was involved with Star last year, but wants to branch out into creative journalism. Brick Lane, Bagels and Beer. Yes please. Cold, cats and Julio-Claudians. Not so much.

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workin hard on a playground
Sam is a second year student studying IR(of course..) and Philosophy. After searching half the world for somewhere wonderful, he set his sites on the tiny fishing town of St. Andrews to unleash his diabolical plots. Usually you can find him hell bent on having fun during the latter hours of the night. This year he will be hosting and putting together several nights and working to be awesome everyday.

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Celeste is currently a second year student at the University of Saint Andrews, dabbling in Art History and Sustainable Development. She hails from a small town called New York City and is preoccupied mainly by photography, vintage clothes, ebay, traveling, text books, and random indie music.

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Lucy is co-president of the Fine Food and Dining Society which she and good friend (and fellow co-president) Katy Brill set up together in 2009. So far the society has been a great success and has received unprecedented support from the student and local community: keep your eyes open for upcoming events, banquets and tastings!! Lucy is a 2nd year Classics student and is determined to become a food critic/food journalist after graduating. Heroes and sources of inspiration include A.A Gill, Heston Blumenthal and Jay Rayner (infamous critic for the Observer: rude, offensive, hysterical yet always always right!). As well as loving food, Lucy’s twin passion is music: ‘anything with a dirty fat beat that makes her want to get wonky’. This interest in House music led her to get involved with Starfields 2009 as Head of Artists and Entertainment alongside’ own Dan Matthews.

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If you’d like to hear more from the FIne Food and Dining Soc, get in contact by emailing them.


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I ♥ this website! good work guys!

Comment by Crisi Evans

This is AWESOME! This is great for all the news in the bubble. Love it!!!

Comment by Stephen

I enjoy :D:D

Comment by Eli Evans

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