Evolution by Indie
June 24, 2010, 3:42 pm
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I came across this little gem and thought i’d share it with the world (well St Andrews)…

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Don’t Believe The Hype by Dan
February 26, 2010, 8:30 pm
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40 kisses

Forty questions starting with why?, why?, why?..oh WHY!, did they have to f*ck with our beloved Sailor Jerry spiced rum may us bartenders ask. Yes believe it or not, but the blended natural mix of aromatics- (cherry, vanilla and almond) is about to be changed and changed for good. For all those that have the sweetest tooth in the world better be quick on the mark to lap up this lush rum because as of mid March, the product is being changed in recipe and stature. As one of our budding taste demons said “the beauty of our seen today Sailor Jerry is that it is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink”, now after sampling its replacement its like having the back of the throat brushed with a cactus. An ugly cactus at that. “Strong but goes down smooth” is undeniably true but changing the recipe so that drinking it neat is no longer a pleasure may be a shot in the foot. The essence remains, but the polish has been lost. If anything it is distinctly lacking in comparison. Rumour has it William Grant & Sons (the producers) were not happy with its mix-ability in an ever-growing cocktail scene, *cough**bull**cough*, thus the reason for change. Big Norm (Norman Sailor Jerry Collins) clearly has some issues if they are changing an already super-successful beverage, let’s hope his fan base does not cross the darkside and start bracing the dreaded rival in spiced rum, (it starts with M). Ha! Someone needs to tell this wannabe-pirate tattoo-artist to stop getting so off his god-damn tits so much. I dunno, maybe clear his head and get back in that distillery tasting room and produce some of the godly-sugary-coma-juice that once did hit the palate and start the party of sessions, that we have all grasped with both hands.
Apparently recipes grow better with age…and apparently all the bartenders in Forty are sex gods ahem, but jokes aside..We are hell-bent on the old sailor, and *weep weep*, sad to see the old boy go. RIP bloody good rum, hello sore throat. Over and Out.

Forty kisses.

40 kisses

Smile… by Indie
December 22, 2009, 4:59 pm
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For all of you stuck in the snow…check out some of the other “Love Letters for You” on FFFound, a series of street art with uplifting and quirky messages.It made me smile.

(via FFFound)

And We’re Back. by Elise
November 14, 2009, 4:02 pm
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So everyone’s just about back from the mid semester break of drink and sin that the university likes to call Reading Week. Do you remember yours? Good luck getting over your hangover, and explaining that credit card bill to Mum and Dad (bar tab in Budapest?). We hope the moment when you realized how much academic work you actually have to do now that you’re back was not too terrible, and that you didn’t lose your passport, and that you arrived back in St. Andrews relaxed and ready for Raisin, Welly Ball, and the other ridiculousness that is going to be going on soon (personally, I’m most excited for a Beowulf themed party that’s happening in Church Square dangerously early this week). We heard they’ve stocked up on absinthe. Welcome back.

Holy Shit Stay In Tonight by Dan
November 1, 2009, 7:11 pm
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Thats the Kiness earlier today. It hasn’t stopped raining since. Shouldn’t be long before the ark arrives. Good luck.

Guess Who’s Coming To Town… by Elise


Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Edinburgh. Finally. I mean, they only have one branch in all of Scotland, and we all know it’s two hours away in Glasgow. The only questionable thing about this whole scenario is that the Princes Street store is going to become one out of very few acceptable places to buy clothes close to St. Andrews. So everyone’s going to go there, and a lot of people might have the same outfits. But then again, one of the things Urban is great at is pumping out a large variety of clothes. Their looks are extremely unique, can fit into a lot of different wardrobes, and come for a range of prices. So hey, we’re not complaining. Join the Facebook fan page for more information.

Six Scents Fragrance initiative by Sara

(image via cyanatrendland)

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind, but the goodness of a person spreads in all directions” – Chanakya

Last year Six Scents began an annual fragrance initiative to raise support and funding for a selected charity. Each year Six Scents chooses six artists to create along with six fragrance makers to create an experience that embodies the message of the selected charity. This year, series two of the initiative, Six Scents is donating a portion of all proceeds to Pro-Natura, an organization of environmental sustainability programs. Series Two aims to represent the relationship between artists and nature, while creating an experience intended to inspire others to recognize the beauty, power and intrigue of nature. As cyanatrendland reported, “Azuma Makoto has been commissioned by the fancy fragrance line to shoot six Botanical Sculptures that seek to represent the idea (and smell) behind each fragrance;” Azuma’s photos are show below. The featured fragrances come from Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga.

(via cyanatrendland)