Guess Who’s Coming To Town… by Elise


Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Edinburgh. Finally. I mean, they only have one branch in all of Scotland, and we all know it’s two hours away in Glasgow. The only questionable thing about this whole scenario is that the Princes Street store is going to become one out of very few acceptable places to buy clothes close to St. Andrews. So everyone’s going to go there, and a lot of people might have the same outfits. But then again, one of the things Urban is great at is pumping out a large variety of clothes. Their looks are extremely unique, can fit into a lot of different wardrobes, and come for a range of prices. So hey, we’re not complaining. Join the Facebook fan page for more information.


The Wonders of Gilt Fuse by Sara


I just came across one of the most amazing fashion websites out there; no really… its a shopoholic’s wet dream. Two words: Glit Fuse. Gilt Fuse allows its members to access the hottest new brands at amazing prices. They have all your favorite designers, plus will introduce you to new labels that will put you at the forefront of emerging trends.

Some fun facts:
– Pieces are on sale for the first 36 hours after they are put up.
– All the pieces are shipped directly to your door.
– Gilt Fuse guarantees that every item sold is the designer brand it promises to be.

It is a member only site, and you can only become a member if you have been invited, so consider yourself invited.

(via Cyana Tend Land)

Six Scents Fragrance initiative by Sara

(image via cyanatrendland)

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind, but the goodness of a person spreads in all directions” – Chanakya

Last year Six Scents began an annual fragrance initiative to raise support and funding for a selected charity. Each year Six Scents chooses six artists to create along with six fragrance makers to create an experience that embodies the message of the selected charity. This year, series two of the initiative, Six Scents is donating a portion of all proceeds to Pro-Natura, an organization of environmental sustainability programs. Series Two aims to represent the relationship between artists and nature, while creating an experience intended to inspire others to recognize the beauty, power and intrigue of nature. As cyanatrendland reported, “Azuma Makoto has been commissioned by the fancy fragrance line to shoot six Botanical Sculptures that seek to represent the idea (and smell) behind each fragrance;” Azuma’s photos are show below. The featured fragrances come from Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga.

(via cyanatrendland)