Goodbye, Winter by celeste

In Scotland, summer seems eons away. At London Fashion Week summer is right around the bend. Color is definitely in store for the upcoming months, ergo this brilliant photo from the Pam Hogg Catwalk Show in London! Keep your eyes peeled not only for the photos from the London, Paris, and New York Fashion weeks, but also for the highly anticipated and quickly approaching St Andrews fashion events Continue reading


Care for a Shag? by celeste
January 10, 2011, 9:25 pm
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Anyone care for a shag? Yes, the vest does look a bit like the product of a battle against home furnishings, or maybe a llama; however, when it comes to vests, shag provides a lovely and ultimately fun alternative to the standard vest of fur, or dare I say…fleece? In any event, although it is a moderate faux pas, Continue reading

Trick or Treat? by celeste

Yes, its that time of year again, and I absolutely adore this photograph, which brings me to the point. What to wear on October the 31st? I know that everyone loves a good cliché now and again, but Continue reading

Wintery tips by Olive
October 6, 2010, 8:18 pm
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I’m sure those who have spent a winter or two here already (and probably those of you who’ve just been here a few weeks) are often at a loss as to what to wear when the weather is so ridiculously inconsistent. I could go on and on about specific items (I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few more posts out of this one…) but I’m going to keep it basic as we all know pretty much anything goes here style-wise. Continue reading

Cross Seasonal Craziness by Olive
September 28, 2010, 11:15 am
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Prada SS11

In morning-after, fuzzyheaded moments this week I’ve been slowly working my way through the SS11 catwalk shows. A standout show for me was Prada (who can always be relied on to do something a bit bonkers). Miuccia showed a colourful, eclectic, eccentric collection that marked a departure from the buttoned-up, ladylike trends of the AW collection and those seen across the catwalks for SS. Continue reading

Layer Cake by celeste

the second one from the left looks like a wolf

In coming back to the lovely town of  Saint Andrews, I (and probably all of you) have been startled by the paucity of heat both indoors and out. However, whilst glaciating in my flat i started sifting through recent 2010/11 fashion week photos online, and was thrilled to find that layering is in for this fall and winter season! Continue reading

No Mercy For The Warm by Dan

barbour+fur=canada goose

There are certain trends that manage to make their way into every St. Andrews student’s life. Barbours can be pretty stereotypical when it comes to St. Andrews (not to mention Hunters). More recently, fur has come into town like a wave of rabbits from New Hall’s front lawn. Even more recently, St. Andrews has seen a rise in what I consider to be a convergence of the two styles with a little goose down shoved in the middle. The Canada Goose jacket has become a staple in these winter months. I know there is rarely a day that I don’t consider wearing it just because it is so warm. Given, there are a few drawbacks of this style – namely its size – backpacks don’t work too well with these – but its plusses greatly outweigh its minuses on a bitter winter morning. There is no better feeling than being able to wake up in the morning, I’ll be honest, sometimes without a shirt, and be able to only need ONE layer when making the walk of shame (or glory) to North Point or Starbucks.