Oh my iGod! by Indie

“Delicious, debauched, depraved seduction” says the press release for what is set out to be a truly different and imaginative experience. Set amongst smoke screens, white silk and champagne this truly controversial event will definitely be one for your diaries! The second coming is soon to be upon us this February, and it is going to be taking the form of an interactive show and party. Expect a lot of drama full of black comedy, a dollop of pounding techno, and some filthy Galliano inspired costumes.

Look out for updates around town…what’s that I hear…a procession?

The iGod is coming.


Warming up in Winter by Sara
November 27, 2009, 12:15 pm
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As I’m sure you all have felt, St. Andrews has been getting quite chilly lately. I’m also sure you all have learned to stock up on the fashion essentials of winter: tights, gloves, hats, etc. especially since we posted on hosiery earlier this season. I just thought you all should take a look at  Hansel From Basel (featured in the picture above) and Anthropologie for fun, funky tights! Good luck staying warm!

Let’s Talk About Some Tights by Elise
November 16, 2009, 1:37 pm
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Two weekends ago I went to Edinburgh and bought seven pairs of tights at Topshop. Seven. I know that’s excessive, but you know when you can’t find a particular thing you’re desperately searching for, and instead you just get everything close to it that’s sort of similar in hopes that it will satisfy you? Well these are the tights I was lusting after:


Knitted tights (especially loose knitted tights) are such a sweet alternative to the black ones we so often turn to. Topshop has some right now (but not in that deliciously Christmasy berry color) and so does Free People (the cost to ship them from the States is entirely worth it – their knit tights are chunky and warm enough to almost double as leggings). White or cream knit tights (and stockings – La Boutique might have a few pairs left) can almost be an innocent interpretation of fishnets, if the knit itself is loose enough to show some skin.

(picture via Carolina Engman’s Fashion Squad)