Oh my iGod! by Indie

“Delicious, debauched, depraved seduction” says the press release for what is set out to be a truly different and imaginative experience. Set amongst smoke screens, white silk and champagne this truly controversial event will definitely be one for your diaries! The second coming is soon to be upon us this February, and it is going to be taking the form of an interactive show and party. Expect a lot of drama full of black comedy, a dollop of pounding techno, and some filthy Galliano inspired costumes.

Look out for updates around town…what’s that I hear…a procession?

The iGod is coming.


Matte and Black Polishes by Elise
November 1, 2009, 7:35 pm
Filed under: Fashion, Nail Polish


It’s the day after Halloween and I’m still thinking about things like bunny ears and black nail polish. Speaking of which, how do you feel about the new matte nail varnishes that have been kicking around for a while? O.P.I. developed a few, but I think they make your nails look oddly chalky, making me just want to add another layer of clear on top. The polish in the picture is by ManGlaze, and it’s called Matte Is Murder. The name was suggested by one of their vegan followers. Clever.

We’re never ones to turn down a dark polish, especially not a nice black, but I think we’ll probably stick to our Chanel Black Satin in this case.