Green is the new…Rainbow by celeste

In this day and age we are constantly being reminded that green is the way forward…but not only with energy and industry, but with fashion as well! More and more designers are incorporating sustainability and recycling into their designs, and Continue reading


Interesting line, Bangin’ Site! by Sara
April 22, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Natascha Stolle‘s most recent AW10 line is full of interesting patterns and shapes, however I am not as impressed as I was with the the SS10 collection. However what really blew me away was the site design! The half-German, one-quarter Italian and one-quarter Japanese, U.S. native now lives and designs in London. Check out her collections and moreover her amazing site!

I Want A Friend of Mine by Sara
March 29, 2010, 11:41 pm
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Just stumbled upon the label A Friend of Mine, and I’m in love. Their girly, yet edgy look of the ‘Other Side of Love’ collection is perfect for a night out in the bubble. The ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ also has some summery pieces that fit with a more funky feel. I especially like the hot-pink slinky shorts in the ‘Opposites Attract’ line. Over all I think that A Friend of Mine would work well with St. Andrews style and think you all should check it out!

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DW Menswear. by Indie

The menswear at Don’t Walk this year offered some great takes on classic fashion. We really enjoyed this mix of muted pastels and greys to create some stunning formal pieces. Similarly to the styles we have been noting, the detailed blazers (something Sam and I love) looked really sharp. One of the pieces that stood out was a light blue jacket with hatched tweed inner lining – the contrast between the bold colour against the classic tweed created an interesting look.  Another style we noted was higher waisted trousers with turn-ups at the bottom following a 1950s style established last s/s. This trend continued into the casual wear adding to the futuristic clean image of the show. Two-tone shorts looked especially nice, with contrasting prints on each leg worn with white tennis shoes.

A reaction to the bold cuts and solid shapes  was seen with a much appreciated show of street wear, highlighting the current trend of varsity style jackets and graphic print tees topped off with some stylin’ shades. Feather detail baseball caps were a personal favourite of mine. However this was let down with the collections from G-Star and Diesel showing tapered jeans and some uninteresting t-shirts. Although they looked good print shirts have run their course in the past couple of years and they offered nothing groundbreaking for spring. However there was a unique display of torn jumpers and chunky knits, not so good for spring summer but it was nice to see that the models were allowed to keep warm when they weren’t showing off bejewelled underwear!

This was all topped off with an amazing display of Barbour – very fitting for the St Andrews style and to reiterate Elise, it showed us that there is more to this brand than the classic green waxed jacket!

Overall the show presented us with what can only be noted as flawless fashion for both men and women!Well done guys.

(pictures via Sam McCulloh)

(article by Sam and Indie)

WildFox vid by Sara

Wildfox Couture‘s Spring 2010 video shows off their collection’s vibe perfectly. The girls mess around with fake money looking fabulous and edgy yet effortless, what more could we ask for? Also good news: Wildfox is now selling at Urban Outfitters!

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More Nicholas Krikwood by Sara
March 11, 2010, 5:24 pm
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Seriously, this man can pretty much do no wrong. Here are some more of Krikwood‘s designs for SS10, and I want them all. Trendland was right when they titled their post on him, “Nicholas Kirkwood Shoe Porn”! Just thought you all would enjoy!

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Barbour x Tokyo by Indie
March 10, 2010, 11:05 am
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With the sun shining this morning I was very keen to get out of my flat and go for a walk into town…not wearing a coat. I was a little over zealous at the sign of things warming up and found that yes it is still a bit chilly, but not cold enough for a huge coat. Naturally this led me to online shopping when I got in and trawling through pages of macs and light weight trenches got a bit boring until I came accross a really edgy piece from the St Andrews favourite, Barbour. I know the word Barbour is usually synonamous with classic, but this season they have collaberated with Japanese label TOKITO to creating a light weight, pretty solid looking spring/summer jacket!