Guess Who’s Coming To Town… by Elise


Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Edinburgh. Finally. I mean, they only have one branch in all of Scotland, and we all know it’s two hours away in Glasgow. The only questionable thing about this whole scenario is that the Princes Street store is going to become one out of very few acceptable places to buy clothes close to St. Andrews. So everyone’s going to go there, and a lot of people might have the same outfits. But then again, one of the things Urban is great at is pumping out a large variety of clothes. Their looks are extremely unique, can fit into a lot of different wardrobes, and come for a range of prices. So hey, we’re not complaining. Join the Facebook fan page for more information.


We Keep Seeing Chantal Thomass Umbrellas. by Elise
September 29, 2009, 1:21 pm
Filed under: Fashion, Umbrellas


Todays the first rainy day in St. Andrews this term. I always find it interesting to see how well people can maintain their look while it’s all gross and wet outside and the wind is whipping their hair around. I also find it interesting that no group of people seems to have this skill down better than St. Andrews girls. It might be disgusting outside but that doesn’t seem to be an excuse to go shlumping around. The Wellies come out (speaking of which, I saw a couple Welly Ball advertisements today) and so do the nice umbrellas. 

And we’re seeing signs that the umbrella of choice this year may the distinctive Chantal Thomass design. These umbrellas are made for her by Guy de Jean in Paris. I saw three of them on Market St, during a one hour time span. Impressive. Chantal Thomass, in case you don’t know, is the French lingerie designer of our generation. She’s famous for her decadent looks and her attention to lush, seductive details. She is always of the attitude that sexiness should be an unapologetic, every day experience. And of course, this can affect your umbrella choice. If there are unsexy umbrellas and sexy umbrellas, Chantal Thomass definitely produces the latter. The three Thomass umbrellas I saw today had the trademark “pagoda” point at the top (like the roof of a chic French carousel) and were soft pink and beige (only Chantal Thomass could make beige a sexy color) and pink with black lingerie style ruffles. Delicious.