you are what you wear by celeste

Just for a moment, think about what you would be if you were : a) what you ate and b) what you wore. I’m assuming that both answers will (in most cases) be grim. As someone with fashion and sustainability constantly on my mind, i think it is truly important to transfer one’s core values into their fashion and lifestyle. Above are some delightful designs via BOA’s hand-made, organic ‘Pamuk’ collection. This Istanbul-based brand is gaining global appeal (thus it is also relevant to all of us at st andrews), and embraces eclectic worldly styles as well as sustainability! Instead of describing them more, i will let you all look them up for yourselves on the internets. Still not convinced? I’m going to go off on a little tangent and leave you with some food for thought… Continue reading


Viv on Kate… by Olive

Oh dear, looks like Dame Vivienne Westwood has been ruffling some more feathers this week… She is quoted as saying that “I would have loved to have dressed Kate Middleton but I have to wait until she kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style.” Continue reading

Being Vegan: A Student’s Tale by Dan
February 9, 2011, 2:24 pm
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A few months ago, I spent 21 days as a Vegan. For those who don’t know, vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals (so no meat, dairy, eggs, or even honey). For a more in-depth description, see the video below:
Continue reading

Emmanuelle Alt by Olive
January 9, 2011, 12:40 pm
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Look who’s finally been announced as Carine Roitfeld’s successor at Vogue Paris. I’m excited!

Man Repeller by Olive

Ok. I know I really should be revising. But I’m not.

So, I thought I’d share a link with you because it has made my day. Occasionally I will construct an outfit that, Continue reading

Tis’ The Season! by Sara
November 24, 2010, 9:17 am
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As some of you may have heard, there will be an ICE RINK in St Mary’s Quad (of our very own University of St Andrews) this coming weekend! Thanks to our lovely Charities Campaign skating be possible on Friday the 26th from 5pm-11pm, on Saturday the 27th from 7pm-11pm and on Sunday the 27th from 7pm-11pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance for £8 at, but will also be available to students for £6/hour at the rink. The Charities Campaign has also set up ‘many other festive treats’, which includes singing groups, dancers, food & drink stalls as well as a Christmas light switch on featuring BOTH Santa and Rory McLion. Don’t miss out on your chance to welcome in the Christmas season!

Welly Ball by Olive

Every year a positive plethora of Wellington-clad ladies and gentlemen from St Andrews and other well known drinking institutions come to Kinkell Byre for a night of – well… ridiculousness. Continue reading