Goodbye, Winter by celeste

In Scotland, summer seems eons away. At London Fashion Week summer is right around the bend. Color is definitely in store for the upcoming months, ergo this brilliant photo from the Pam Hogg Catwalk Show in London! Keep your eyes peeled not only for the photos from the London, Paris, and New York Fashion weeks, but also for the highly anticipated and quickly approaching St Andrews fashion events Continue reading


D.S Dundee by Indie
November 30, 2010, 8:26 pm
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No,this is not a post on our slightly unfavoured neighbour, but about the brand. You may remember me talking about these guys last year after they displayed some of their collection at FS:X. This East London based brand (points for location!) have excelled themselves with their awesome clothes.

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High Renaissance Remix by Dan
March 23, 2010, 8:28 pm
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Recently there has been a large increase in mocumentaries about the so-called “yahs” (or “rah” if you’re from South England). And then I chundered everywhere now has a massive following in St. Andrews. My flatmate and I decided we would embrace the trend and dress up for breakfast the morning. As we were leaving, we were told to “have fun on our gap yahs!”

Along those same lines, High Renaissance Man, as I’m told, might as well be a true story. For those who haven’t seen it, here you go:

Still interested? Here’s part 3:

Now to the point of this post: that Tetris remix is SICKKKK.
Here it is for all your listening pleasure:

FS:X Menswear by Indie

Well I think we’ve all recovered from FS:X on Saturday night and that has given us some time to recollect our thoughts and reflect on the fashion. For St. Andrews a benchmark has definitely been set. We saw a lot of smart clothing kicking off with the SS/10 collection from Jaeger, and this all looked very good contrasted against the rough industrial background. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of heat, but I think the copious amount of alcohol made up for this point. If we were cold whilst fully clothed the models must have been absolutely frozen!

However we were impressed with the professional feel to the show and enjoyed almost all of the clothes presented, despite the lack of coherency amongst some of the collections. But some of the big brands sourced by the team at FS:X made up for this with awesome styles. A particular favourite was the Nicole Fahri menswear which picked up on the key trends of  injections of colour fused with pastels. A particular outfit that caught our eye is the one pictured above – the combination of the soft orange shorts and sky blue shirt are bought to life with the bright green weekend bag. With spring just around the corner, we hope to see a lot more colour in our wardrobes!

We preferred the styles shown in the second half of the show and they seemed particularly fitting to the trends that we have already noticed in St Andrews – but you know we may just be suckers for jackets and suits rather than casual wear. Our personal favourite in this category was the range of tweed style blazers displayed by We Love Pumpkin – picking up on the growing trend of juxtaposing classic masculine styles with a splash of bright colours and even some floral prints. We thought the classic take on tweed with the addition of multicoloured cuffs, collars and pockets worked exceptionally well. The look continued with an addition of striped undershirts that helped accent the trim – there was even a Scottish flare when combined with a kilt (pictured above).

This smart tone was continued with a few classically styled Hilfiger pieces, which is always nice to see. However we feel this collegiate tone was let down with a bit too much Jack Wills, if we wanted to see this we could have popped into their store. This got worse with a collection from Superdry – that was not the sort of fashion we expected from such a prestigious show. But don’t be put off because this was recovered with some edgy but sharp clothing from London by D.S Dunee – and by this point I think everyone was too caught up in the party to care!Well done guys.

(article by Sam & Indie)

(images thanks to: Molly Minton, Ben Goulter, Fraser Cameron & Swithin Lui)

Spring. by Indie
February 26, 2010, 7:17 pm
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Spring time to me usually isn’t that exciting for guys clothes, if you minus the stuff that was displayed earlier in the year at various fashion weeks, New York a particular favourite – but it’s not wearable everyday now is it? Fred Perry however have come up with something to add a little splash of spring time to your wardrobe. This classic British brand encapsulates 1960s Britain, particularly the mod look, they even have a range of t-shirts designed especially to celebrate The Specials. In addition to this they have moved on from the clean look adopted by Raf Simons to creating a few exclusive pieces bound to catch your eye. A dash of flower power and paisley doesn’t sound appealing at the best of times, but Fred Perry have achieved this to make it look cool and sophisticated for the summer, in wearable tones on polo shirts, cardigans and monkey jackets. If you can get past the Paul Smith-esqness of some of the pieces they would look great on a sunny day, that is if we can shed our coats!

Bold statement by Indie

Here in St Andrews we are obsessed with Blackberry’s,everyone either has one,or knows someone who does!Lets see if we can spot one of only 10 limited edition models floating around after Christmas…London based department store Selfridges have commissioned a special edition Bold to celebrate its 100th Birthday, coveted with leather in its signature 109 yellow, 24/7 help line and whopping price tag of £1000. Insane.

(article via GQ)

This Song Is SO Good by Dan
October 19, 2009, 10:37 am
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Lets be honest here, I really do not like Annie Mac – I think she has a gift for ruining songs. You can even hear it in this song I’m posting here. How pompous do you have to be before you start inserting your own links in your “exclusive” songs. PS Annie, I don’t think this one is “exclusive” any more. What kills me about this is that it prevents DJ’s – like me – from using this absolutely epic Skream Remix of Chromeo in any of my sets because every 30 seconds, “this is Annie Mac on Radio One” comes on. Come on Annie. Have some decency!

Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix)

(img via Pacific Dubstep)

ps – for all of you who didn’t know already, Skream asked to come to St. Andrews on October 22nd but instead, he was “too busy” which I think we all know means he thinks he is better than us. He “is free every weekday till the end of the year.” How is that too busy? Not cool, Skream, not cool.