She can always be replaced… by celeste
February 28, 2011, 9:45 am
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Do you need a new indie song slash crush slash obsession? Voila, King Charles. Aside from the fact that I’m jealous of his hair, the song Love Lust is a gem. This London-based musician crosses the boundaries of many genres; his music is a sort of folk, pop, indie, rock fusion, which seems completely incongruous, but definitely works. King Charles’ look is far from royalty, but Continue reading


And Now For Something Different by Sam
October 2, 2010, 4:21 pm
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I know we usually stick to electro here on, but every so often a gem comes around which must be heard far and loud. A little bit blues, a little bit punk, and a whole lot of a blazing rock, I give you Los. Continue reading

May Ball. by Indie
May 11, 2010, 11:56 am
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The headache from Saturday evening has finally subsided and the memories have slowly started to piece themselves back together of what was an amazing night! Hosted at Kinkell the KK get no points for originality, but this year’s ball was definitely a blast! This year I opted for a dinner ticket, which at first seemed ridiculously over priced, but on the night was worth it. Arriving early to a champagne reception and queue-less rides with only a hundred or so other guests was a massive perk, however standing around in the cold for a very long time before we were seated wasn’t so great! Once we got seated, warmed up and sufficiently fed and watered the atmosphere in the marquee was rowdy but with a St Andrews twist!And dare I say it…lots of banter!

Later on the rest of the guests arrived and the venue filled up with people enjoying their drinks tokens and the fairground rides letting loose before exams and celebrating the end of the year in style. The drinks system went down a treat and people seemed to be having lots of fun despite “The One Under” bar running out of cocktails mid-way. The music in the VIP tent was kicked off by our very own Dan Matthews, followed by some home-grown talent; Bring back the Planes. In the main arena I noticed a rather cocky indie band with the cliché hair and silly lyrics, but they served their purpose, warming up the room to make space for some more St Andrews showcasing – John Galvin. He threw down some crowd pleasing tunes accompanied by a Jazz band similar to that seen at the Bongo Ball and Masquerade.

Aside from this everyone looked great, guys donning tuxes and kilts and girls looking beautiful in all sorts of styles and summer colours. This was all let down a little however when at the end there was no sign of the traditional survivors breakfast and even worse no busses to get us out of Kinkell at four in the morning – but the KK kept us accommodated in the VIP tent and eventually everyone got home…I think…

All in all a great night, worth every penny for a good cause!

(photos by Oli Walker)

The Final Bassface by Dan

For a lot of people in St. Andrews, Bassface has become something of an institution. Having only recently celebrated its first birthday, I’d say thats an accomplishment. I remember way back when in my first year, speaking to Gil, Phil and Huw about how they wanted to put on a dubstep, drum and bass and reggae night in St. Andrews and how they wanted me to open for it. I had never listened to any dubstep before and in a few weeks, I had to play music which I didn’t really understand for about an hour. I even remember the first facebook group they made, before they had the name Bassface. It was called “Drum n Bass/Dubstep/Reggae in St. Andrews.” There are 227 members. I remember selling tickets in the bitter cold for hours the week before the show. We only sold about 50. The night of the first Bassface crept up on us all much faster than anyone had ever anticipated. I had only listened to a few of the songs I was planning on playing (and even then, maybe once all the way through). We had high hopes, but none of us thought it would become what it has. The doors opened at 9 (maybe a little later – we had some technical difficulties). By about 10, there were maybe 15 people there; by 11, 60 and by 12, it had sold out. Success.

Bassface means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but I think to the three founders, it means the most. They’ve given all of us a place we can go and listen to music that for the most part, gets absolutely no coverage in St. Andrews and for a lot of people, thats the greatest gift of all. Its a place where we can be free. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you to Gil, Phil and Huw.

Now, here is a gift from me to you in the form of the dirtiest dubstep I’ve ever heard.

12th Planet and Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

Welcome Home by Dan

First, an apology: At we strive to keep up to date as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we all are students and are subject to deadlines and busy periods throughout the year. Rest assured, though, we are back and we’re not going anywhere.

Now, to the fun stuff:

Hope everyone’s break was amazing and all that it could be. A lot of people have for the most part, gotten over the fashion shows (scars healing, friendships mending, hangovers finally susbising etc) but there is one thing thats pretty much universally asked: where can we get the music? Well my friends, the time has come to talk of just that. Below is the music from both FS and DW with direct download links. Enjoy this beautiful ear candy and next time someone tells you St. Andrews doesn’t have a music scene, you show them these.

Dont Walk

professor purp+gavris+dirty hard electro

Dont Walk 2010 First Half:

Dont Walk 2010 Second Half:

Professor Purple’s After Party:

gaVris’s Dont Walk Just Fuckin Dance:


Tocadisco Rocking FS:X

FS:X Part 1

FS:X Part 2

FS:X Part 3

FS:X Part 4

FS:X Part 5

FS:X Part 6

FS:X Part 7

Photos by Ben Goulter

‘Tis the season… by Indie
December 11, 2009, 1:37 am
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To be jolly…Oh yes, the lights are up, the tree is trimmed and decorated, Christmas is upon us. This time of year, aside from the presents and mistletoe, is the one time we can all indulge in some fine food and a good deal of alcohol…ok, that is a bit of a lie, we are in St Andrews – we do it all the time. Aside from this im sure you have all be invited to a Christmas dinner party or two…Being such a bunch of foodies (and alcoholics!) I thought it would be nice to see what’s on offer at the dinner tables.

 Aside from the traditional minced pies and mulled wine, I indulged in an almost unnatural amount of Goat’s Cheese and tomato chutney last night, alongside some beautiful pecan pies and gooey chocolate cookies. All washed down with some khalua, vodka and milk, to make a nice homemade twist on a White Russian…If you yourself are having a dinner party or a few festive drinks, here are a few suggestions of what to put on your table: how about a cheese selection from Milliners, or a traditional turkey from Butler & Co, and although I don’t usually like to use the ‘T’ word, you can make to most of Tesco’s alcohol offers, and pick up some nibbles on the way!

 Leave us with a few suggestions…or maybe leave us with a recipe or two…

Business Before Pleasure Launch Party by Dan

the shoppe

Last night, I went to the Business Before Pleasure Launch Party to witness the launch of John Galvin’s new line of jumpers, ties, cufflinks, and various other branded apparel. Unsurprisingly situated in the No. 40 Ballroom, the beginning of the night had a refreshingly enjoyable and calm atmosphere. When I walked in, I was met by two gentlemen at the door wearing clothing from the new line. Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of free alcohol (Dos Equis and Patron Tequila sponsored the event) as well as the free hors d’œuvres provided by a very talented student. The music, too, was a welcome change – less dj more live music. There were of course DJ’s to finish off the night (Galvin himself then Dan Matthews) but this was not a dance party by any means. Not once did the venue feel too crowded (a welcome change for a St. Andrews event) if anything I felt more people could have been there.

The highlight of the night though had to be the new line. Previously advertising mostly by word of mouth and selling from a flat in town, Business Before Pleasure’s arrival into the legitimate apparel market was quite impressive indeed. The clothing was elegant and not just limited to striped cricket jumpers as it had been previously. BbP even had set up a store in the ballroom so the attendees got a chance to pick up something from the new line before it went on sale to the general public. One issue that seemed to come up often however was the decision of turning down the lights enough so people wanted to dance (unless they had taken a few too many shots of patron) or keeping the lights up enough so the shop could stay open. The management choose to go for the latter and keep the lights up. This shortened the end of the night with people trickling out of the room once they had their fill of the clothing rather than staying around for the music.

Ranging from new designs for his flagship jumpers to embroidered ties to custom cufflinks, seeing a student from the University of St. Andrews pull something like this off made me proud to be a student here. Check out the website for more information.