Green is the new…Rainbow by celeste

In this day and age we are constantly being reminded that green is the way forward…but not only with energy and industry, but with fashion as well! More and more designers are incorporating sustainability and recycling into their designs, and Continue reading


Fuck You by Dan
September 21, 2010, 2:54 pm
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This came out a while ago. But I was just playing it for my friend who had never heard it and found the Chiddy Bang remix. So great. Take a listen:

Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You

Chiddy Bang – The ‘Fuck You’ Remix

The Final Bassface by Dan

For a lot of people in St. Andrews, Bassface has become something of an institution. Having only recently celebrated its first birthday, I’d say thats an accomplishment. I remember way back when in my first year, speaking to Gil, Phil and Huw about how they wanted to put on a dubstep, drum and bass and reggae night in St. Andrews and how they wanted me to open for it. I had never listened to any dubstep before and in a few weeks, I had to play music which I didn’t really understand for about an hour. I even remember the first facebook group they made, before they had the name Bassface. It was called “Drum n Bass/Dubstep/Reggae in St. Andrews.” There are 227 members. I remember selling tickets in the bitter cold for hours the week before the show. We only sold about 50. The night of the first Bassface crept up on us all much faster than anyone had ever anticipated. I had only listened to a few of the songs I was planning on playing (and even then, maybe once all the way through). We had high hopes, but none of us thought it would become what it has. The doors opened at 9 (maybe a little later – we had some technical difficulties). By about 10, there were maybe 15 people there; by 11, 60 and by 12, it had sold out. Success.

Bassface means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but I think to the three founders, it means the most. They’ve given all of us a place we can go and listen to music that for the most part, gets absolutely no coverage in St. Andrews and for a lot of people, thats the greatest gift of all. Its a place where we can be free. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you to Gil, Phil and Huw.

Now, here is a gift from me to you in the form of the dirtiest dubstep I’ve ever heard.

12th Planet and Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

Welcome Home by Dan

First, an apology: At we strive to keep up to date as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we all are students and are subject to deadlines and busy periods throughout the year. Rest assured, though, we are back and we’re not going anywhere.

Now, to the fun stuff:

Hope everyone’s break was amazing and all that it could be. A lot of people have for the most part, gotten over the fashion shows (scars healing, friendships mending, hangovers finally susbising etc) but there is one thing thats pretty much universally asked: where can we get the music? Well my friends, the time has come to talk of just that. Below is the music from both FS and DW with direct download links. Enjoy this beautiful ear candy and next time someone tells you St. Andrews doesn’t have a music scene, you show them these.

Dont Walk

professor purp+gavris+dirty hard electro

Dont Walk 2010 First Half:

Dont Walk 2010 Second Half:

Professor Purple’s After Party:

gaVris’s Dont Walk Just Fuckin Dance:


Tocadisco Rocking FS:X

FS:X Part 1

FS:X Part 2

FS:X Part 3

FS:X Part 4

FS:X Part 5

FS:X Part 6

FS:X Part 7

Photos by Ben Goulter

This Is Really Funny by Dan
October 27, 2009, 5:00 pm
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So Lenny Kravitz is old. I think we all know that. How old exactly though was kind of a surprise to me. He was born in 1964. More importantly, he has been making music for over 20 years and just recently released a 20th anniversary edition of what appears to be Let Love Rule with a whole bunch of stuff stapled on to the end. What makes this actually important though is that he got the kings of neofunk (Justice) to do a 20th anniversary remix of the title track (Let Love Rule). They even did a video to accompany the remix. Check it out.