Green is the new…Rainbow by celeste

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Lazers Never Die – Rave Review by Dan

maja laza
This EP is what MIA’s horrible new album should have sounded like. The opening track, Sound of Siren sounds like an anthem for our scandalous, thieving, decision-regretting generation. The EP keeps going with tracks like Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub) and Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) that could keep the party chilled for hours – in the best of ways.
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Crunksteppin by Sam
February 10, 2010, 5:11 pm
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At the moment Crunkstep is my favorite sub-genre of dubstep. Pulling elements from early hip-hop such as psychedelic synths and rolling basslines, then throwing in some of the illest electro-dubstep, it offers what I think is the best and most progressive sound in Dubstep today. San Francisco based producer Mimosa is the king of Crunkstep and is spawning a growing number of producers in the Bay area. Just recently he collaborated with Sleepyhead to create my new favorite mix. Its filled with nothing but unreleased tracks and personal remixes/refixes. This mix is worth downloading just to hear the songs I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly and Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella. I played the latter last night on some amazing speakers and I was blown away, it’s got one of the trippiest bass beats I’ve ever heard in a dubstep song. Give this amazing mix a listen and check out Mimosa’s Soundcloud as well.

memekastmk038 – Sexytime (Download MP3)

Set List:

  1. Fire – Sexytime
  2. Holla Like Whoa! – Sleepyhead
  3. Day & Night (Mimosa remix) – Kid Cudi
  4. Take You There (Sleepyhead thizzle refix) – Sean Kingston
  5. Club Steppin – Sexytime
  6. Freeway – Sexytime
  7. I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly
  8. Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella
  9. Superbad (Mimosa Remix) – Sofia Fresh
  10. Forgot About Dre. W/ Nelly Furtado (Mimosa Remix) – Dr.Dre

The Sickness Alert: Hadouken M.A.D. EP by Dan
August 20, 2009, 5:29 am
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Y’all gotta check this remix of the upcoming release of M.A.D. by Hadouken. Its absolutely sick. Mixes the best that dubstep and kuduro have to offer with what sounds a lot like Rage Against the Machine gone horribly horribly wrong. Seriously, this is not to be missed. Get the WAV file here

The Sickness Alert: Alan Hostage Does it Again by Dan

Let me start off by saying something first: I LOVE ALAN HOSTAGE. This guy manages to constantly come out with unbelievably catchy tunes and he never ceases to impress. This time he has done it with an amazing mix of Fever by So Called Friend feat. Spoek.
Ever since his release of Shake It last holiday season, this guy has gotten so many props from Radio 1 and tons of the greatest DJ’s. My favorite part about this guy is he manages to track the next big thing SO well. Everyone assumed he was just another electro artist after Shake It, but he surprised us all when his next release turned out to be dubstep. Now he is turning Kuduro on us. Now let it be know that this track isn’t out yet, and wont be released until October 2009, but, I figure if its on soundcloud and the “share” button works, its all good!

Also if you guys want something to tie you over until that gem comes out, check out Hostage’s Sunburn Mix
hostage-sunburn mix

Hostage- Hostage Sunburn Mix

The Sickness Alert: We Just Came To Get The Party Started by Dan


For those of you who haven’t heard, The Disco Villains are the shit. These guys tear it up every time they get on the decks. They have an upcoming release called the We Just Came to Get The Party Started – EP. To hype up the EP, they’ve just sent us an EP sampler as well as a free “nightdrugs” remix of their single of the same name (We Just Came to Get The Party Started). Seriously, that remix is sick. I can’t wait for the EP. Can’t get that song out of my head! Let us know what you think.

P.S. the EP is going to include remixes by Dirty Disco Youth, Lazrtag, DJ Barletta + Nightdrugs

EP Sampler

Nightdrugs Remix