Green is the new…Rainbow by celeste

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Lazers Never Die – Rave Review by Dan

maja laza
This EP is what MIA’s horrible new album should have sounded like. The opening track, Sound of Siren sounds like an anthem for our scandalous, thieving, decision-regretting generation. The EP keeps going with tracks like Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub) and Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) that could keep the party chilled for hours – in the best of ways.
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Doorly’s Best Mix Yet by Dan
October 26, 2009, 7:40 pm
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Sick remix by Doorly of some random band no one has ever heard of. I love how this song is more progressive than the general ABC mold thats been around since before the Beatles. Stirs up electro, dubstep and jungle in to one nice little pot and serves it in just the right way so you can’t even tell what side is up by the end. Well done, sir

Tinny – Zingolo (Doorly Remix)

(via Noise Porn)

Charity Opening Ball – Mr. Hudson’s Last Stand by Dan
October 13, 2009, 4:34 pm
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The Charity Opening ball talk that I’ve heard since the event has been a shmorgishborg of both positive and negative reviews. Two things people have been saying most: 1: John the Evangelist and Bring Back The Planes rocked it. 2. Mr Hudson was kind of a let down. I think they have a point. People came to see Mr. Hudson and either left before he came on or only saw him for half an hour maximum. What ended up happening is The Planes played for an hour, John played for two then Mr. Hudson went on for what was supposed to be an hour but turned into roughly half an hour once he hit the stage. Then he just had his DJ finish off the night. I can’t say I was upset by the decision as I was in love with the music his DJ choose the play – mostly jungle and dubstep. I can’t, unfortunately, say that the rest of the crowd was enjoying it as much as I was. They came to see Mr. Hudson and left after a half an hour of london’s finest. This wasn’t the KK’s fault and I don’t think there was anything they could have done that would have changed the outcome except not book him in the first place. Yet frankly, I think they made a good choice in Mr. Hudson – top 40. artist signed to Kanye’s record label and for a decent price. You would have to be crazy not to book him. After the night ended, I had a short chat Hudson. It went something like this:

Me to Mr. Hudson’s DJ: “Dude great set! It was sick!”
Hudson’s DJ: “Hey thanks a lot man!”
Mr. Hudson: “What about me?”

Disappointing, Mr. Hudson, Disappointing.

(img via I Am Luca)

A Moment In Time: Starfields 09 by Dan
September 8, 2009, 6:49 pm
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Just imagine: its 12PM, you’re drunk and with all your friends at a colossal rave – the perfect ending to an epic freshers week. You guys have been dancing but you don’t know many of the tracks – a few yeah, but you guess the artists are playing their new stuff. Then, for the first time, you hear this song – The Jack Beats Remix of Drop The Pressure – and who’s dropping it? JACK BEATS THEMSELVES!!!! You hear the melody and the crowd goes wild – everyone is lost in a sea of music alcohol and drugs, you’ve never heard a sound system like this in your life. Endorphins flood you body you’re feeling so good you never want this moment to end. Then to top it off, Jack Beats is gonna throw a beat under it for y’all to thump to. You’re in ecstasy. Yeah, Starfields 09.

Listen To This Through Headphones or Good Speakers – Trust by Dan
August 31, 2009, 6:43 am
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Trust. Just got shot over the DJ Manaia Re-Edit of Jack Beat’s UFO. Its sick, but only through headphones or good speakers. Totally gonna be a banger at the clubs, but not on the ride home.

Jack Beats – UFO (Dj Manaia Re-Edit)

(Image via Mashit)

From The Mouth of Porn – Tribal Ravestep by Dan

Has anyone ever checked out Noise Porn?

You guys should. They’re a great music blog based out of Edinburgh. Enyway, they just wrote this awesome article about the ever-favorite-among-music-blogs Hostage and got some exclusive tracks from him. While describing the track, they used the term Tribal Ravestep to describe this new Kuduro-like tribal beat coming from Hostage, Jack Beats, Larry Tee, Foamo, Buraka Som Sistema (I know they consider themselves Kuduro, but lets be serious here) and so many others. Take a look:

‘Badman Sound’ is a funky little ravestep monster which is full of wobbly goodness and soaring buildups. The vocal samples are fantastic and really add to the whole tribal ravestep vibe that runs through this tune. The synths here are as always superb, ripping their way through the tune (3.34 for some of the coolest tweaking sounds).

It totally makes sense. From now on, FUCK Kuduro, embrace Tribal Ravestep. PS if you’re from America (like me), you probably think that everything meant for clubs is “techno.” Well, its not, so get over it. Dubstep is not a band, Drum n’ Bass is not dead, and Tribal Ravestep is what hipsters from Philadelphia, Lisbon, and apparently Edinburgh listen to.

Also, going with’s fuck you attitude to anything legal, here is Noise Porn’s “exclusive” Hostage Track.
Disclaimer: We love Noise Porn, but come on guys, how long was that gonna stay “exclusive”? Two days? A week?

Hostage – Badman Sound (Noise Porn Exclusive)

(via Noise Porn)