Welly Ball by Indie

It’s nearly a week later, but it still feels like the morning after the night before. Yes, Welly Ball was the perfect way to start Raisin weekend once again…

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Recovery by Olive
November 23, 2010, 6:43 pm
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I hope you all survived Raisin Weekend – I am only just beginning to function properly after the madness.

[Some of the madness is evident above – a photo I took of our dining room yesterday morning.]

This has definitely helped ease the pain though (as well as Berocca, paracetamol and lots and lots of scrambled eggs…)

Welly Ball by Olive

Every year a positive plethora of Wellington-clad ladies and gentlemen from St Andrews and other well known drinking institutions come to Kinkell Byre for a night of – well… ridiculousness. Continue reading

Raisin. by Indie
November 16, 2010, 8:16 pm
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Reading week has passed and hopefully everyone is well rested and revitalised for the rest of the term,that is what people think…but really reading week recharges the batteries for what everyone knows is going to be a manic weekend of parties, dress-up and lots of foam!

Being a third year this year I am extra excited for Raisin, as it is a chance to have a party with my own academic kids and those of my friends too! Everyone seems to be coming up with strategies and planning wild activities that are only socially acceptable for one weekend a year, in one tiny town! This had me wondering how many people know what the tradition of Raisin actually is…so I thought I’d give a brief summery behind the history of the upcoming weekend using the internet as my (not so) trusty source.

The tradition started off as a day where first year students would give a pound of raisins to their academic parents as a thank you for guiding them through the first few weeks of their university life. This was meant to come with a receipt from the parents acknowledging that they would follow through with this gift – failure to do so saw freshers being soaked in the fountain (on  Market St.)…but that has now turned into the foam fight. And the pound of raisins that was meant to be given at a “tea party” has been swapped for something a little more fun…

I wonder how this change in the next few hundred years!

Happy Raisin from!

(photograph via the Telegraph)

A Marshmallow Threw Up On The Freshers by Dan
November 23, 2009, 9:45 pm
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Just thought I’d throw up some of the highlight photos from this morning’s foam fight. Enjoy!

way to be freshers

Post war
Be glad you freshers who got away early. The foam fight gets worse as fresh-from-the-can foam runs out. People turn to the foam already on themselves/the ground/their friends/strangers. Thats when it gets dirty.


way to be Joe

Lets hope we can all be where he is some day.
Is it not the dream of every St. Andrews male to one day be carried to the quad by their academic children? Its mine after today…


New Hall was not like this

The preparation outside of Macintosh.
If my recollection serves me correct, last year, New Hall’s showers weren’t running the morning of Raisin Monday. Whether it was a lack of water or a poorly timed maintenance situation, New Hall loses some serious points. Macintosh on the other hand gets two thumbs up from me for providing fresh towels and buckets of water outside their hall for all of those foam covered freshers. Enjoy, young ones.