Boutique Sneak Peak: Fox and Bhut by Elise

Earlier in the week we were in Fox and Bhut on Bell Street looking at some of the brands the shop carried and getting excited about seeing their pieces in St. Andrews fashion shows this spring. We mentioned that they carried a lot of jewelry, clothing, and accessories that were produced by charities and that they take ethical clothing manufacturing very seriously. Well, we’re all for the ethical so we thought we’d post a few photos of pieces that really really nice buyers at Fox&Bhut have ordered in for spring.

These are Christopher Raeburn ponchos made out of parachutes previously used by the military. They look like they could be a pretty edgy way to cut the wind down Market Street and a great way for the fashion adventurous to recycle. They’ll be a bit pricey, but certainly unique.


Also this spring, the Environmental Justice Foundation have invited designers to take part in a campaign for ethical fashion involving lots of organic cotton. Christian Lacroix, John Rocha, and Luella are only a few on the list of designers who are participating to create a line of limited edition t-shirts that all look great for layering. Fox&Bhut has ordered some in. We’ll be checking back.




In Case You Were Thinking Of Switching It Up by Elise
October 19, 2009, 4:58 pm
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It’s pretty safe to say that Longchamp’s iconic nylon and leather carrier bags can be considered a staple, at the very very least in St. Andrews. Their durability, elegant colors, and uncomplicated interiors make them a favorite with students because they carry everything and they don’t get destroyed in the rain like leather Mulberry bags can. And the fact that every single girl (at least here) carries a Longchamp will never make people change their minds about buying another one simply because they go with everything, come in a variety of sizes, and don’t cost all that much. Bobbin Talk called them “a cult classic and a staple of modern urban life”.

But still, it’s always nice when they change a little something, or add some variety so that we don’t feel quite so lame for having the same bag as everyone else. Bless and Longchamp have decided to do a collaboration together. They will be doing a variation on Longchamp’s Le Pliage bag (the nylon one you already own) But instead of folding into a smaller version of itself, the bag folds into a leather doughnut (see diagram) which you can wear around your wrist like a huge, squeezable bracelet. Okay, that part’s odd. But still. The bag’s being made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Andam (Association Nationale pour le Developpement des Arts de la Mode) and it’s work with emerging designers. Also check out the other collaborations Longchamp has done recently. A lot of them are very quirky, sort of bought-at-a-museum-shop kitsch cool.


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oh, yes to OH!NENA by Sara
October 18, 2009, 4:32 pm
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If you looking for unique and just plain awesome accessories, I highly suggest you check out the Venezuela-based company OH!NENA. Their head-dresses alone are something to talk about; the perfect addition to liven up a classic outfit. Each piece is given the name of a girl, and all pieces of their new collection can be found on their website.

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