Whoops. by Elise
March 9, 2010, 4:41 pm
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The final exclusive Alexander McQueen presentation had a strict personal photo ban, stating that specific media outlets would get official photographs of the outfits but that not just anybody could just leave w/ snapshots. But a NYTimes reporter snapped one on her iPhone anyway. Whoops.


Gucci Group Carrying on the Alexander McQueen Brand by Sara
February 22, 2010, 6:20 pm
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Last week the Gucci Group announced they will keep the Alexander McQueen label going. Although some have argued that the McQueen’s show at AW Paris Fashion Week should be a memorial service commemorating the years of innovation McQueen gave the fashion world, Gucci has decided they will show his intended AW10 collection. I don’t know about that decision though, it all seems a little to rushed.

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Victorian Inspiration by Sara
October 29, 2009, 12:40 pm
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Eros Octave

Eros Octave

After scrolling through some of Eyola‘s designs I came to understand that these pieces were not just fashion, but art. Now I’ve talked about fashion as artistic representation before, but that does not mean that I think all fashion is art (nor that all clothing is fashion for that matter). A piece or collection in any medium can be a work or art for any number of reasons. For Eyola, it is the amount of research, thought and attention to detail that goes into it’s creations (not merely pieces). With such a professional creative approach it should come as no surprise that the designer behind the label, Aloye, has worked for Alexander McQueen! Aloya’s vision for the line is very focus; the fundamental inspiration for Eyola is in the Victorian Era in the modern world. Everything from the broad lavish nature of the times to the historically correct detail in the choice of colour palette ties the label back to its inspiration. The bold colours used were not just merely the fashionable, they were because they were new; “this was after all the era when famous chemist William Perkins discovered brightly coloured dyes,” Eyola states in it’s ‘orgins’ page. Another historical detail is found in the label’s organization. The collections take the form of ‘octettes’, representing the the number 8 the and the hourglass corset image form the Victorian Era the number’s shape makes. Each octette is comprised of eight individually crafted designs, which are only available for purchase upon request. Aloye’s researched and detailed approach is not lost in the chosen medium, i.e. cloth, but instead enhanced. I can just imagine what an transforming experience it must be to wear these pieces when the images of the designs themselves evoke a feeling of misty luster and mystical extravagance of another time. All this is not to say these pieces can not be worn in our day and age, although there are some I would not dare to walk the streets in (not because of their lack of beauty, but because of their extravagant nature). Eyola is truly a glimpse into another reality, one where past and present fuse together. I also love what was done with the name, Aloye… Eyola, it’s a very nice touch.

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