Fat Tuesday! by Katie
February 16, 2010, 6:12 pm
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The UK celebrates Mardi Gras by indulging and overdosing on delicious pancakes, which I fully support and take part in and was very pleased to find a pancake stand right in St. Mary’s Quad this morning….however, nothing comes close to the notorious partying going on in New Orleans,  Louisiana this past weekend,  and of course all day and all night Bourbon street will be swarmed with people from all over the United States, partying and drinking and embracing the Cajun traditions of New Orleans.  I’ll be on my way soon to pick up what I need to make a savory Cajun meal to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  New Orleans is known for prawns and seafood combined with spicy Cajun seasoning and heavy savory dishes such as Cajun Shrimp Creole, or Jambalaya.  Butlers and Co. has an easy to prepare jambalaya mix that will get you in the spirit.  And if it’s too late for you to attempt a gluttonous dinner, then make it a big Tuesday night and party like it’s your last night out!

Happy Mardi Gras!


It’s Disgusting And Cold Outside Tonight. by Elise
October 20, 2009, 5:56 pm
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It doesn’t matter. It’s Boozeday Tuesday. Go out anyway.

Last Night’s Highlights by Elise

If you went out last night you were probably (at least for a little while) at the Lumsden Club Cool Runnings party at Ma Belles. The place was packed with people, and although they recommended Rasta attire, only very few people were wearing that sort of thing. The bar was clogged, the music was a little bit quiet, and very few people were dancing, but the atmosphere was decidedly pumped. People were waiting in clumps trying to slip past the bouncers when the bar was filled to capacity (which it did, pretty early on). If the objective of the Lumsden Club was to have an event where people could go and know all of their friends would be there, they did a great job. And besides, who’s going to argue when the stamp to get in is only 5 pounds?

People who didn’t go to Cool Runnings were waiting outside the Lizard. Once you got in it was full, sweaty, and all for contributing to your really messy night. Also the floor lights up, in case you hadn’t picked up on that. 40 was full of people waiting to go down to Ma Belles, and there was a party on Bell Street that had rented speakers from RaveSoc early on in the day, and they attracted a lot of people at the end of the night. Successful Boozeday Tuesday. See you next week.