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Now I know there has been a lot of fashion oriented film this past year, from the The September Issue to Tom Ford’s A Single Man, but really Chanel? I’m sorry, but this short video-commercial, Vol de Jour, directed by Karl Lagerfeld really doesn’t do it for me. And I know I would love to have anything I wanted in Chanel without having to pay, but does Chanel really want to send out the message that it’s cool to steal their stuff? Just watch and decide for yourself.

P.s. Karl – if you ever read this, please don’t hate me!

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For A While Now… by Elise
December 17, 2009, 10:00 am
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For a while some of us have been wondering about purses. You know, not bags or handbags or hobo bags, but purses with long skinny straps. The kind our mothers used to carry in the late 90’s before handbags swelled in size and we jumped into hobo bags and totes. As most of you have probably seen, though girls in St. Andrews still use larger bags for class, everyone’s been carrying little, wallet sized purses on slender, elegant straps for errands and for going out.

They’re even better than most wristlets (except for this one) if you want to dance, because you can just loop that long strap around your body and you don’t have to hold anything except your drink. Even a shorter strap is nice, as long as its skinny. What I like best about them is that they represent a fresh silhouette for bags. They can accomplish all kinds of moods within an outfit, be it the familiar quilted and metal detail look Chanel and its apostles go for or the quirky flowered stuff Urban has for a much cheaper price. I keep thinking about this one foresty green leather one I saw in Coach last spring. If you’ve got a spare minute over the next week, get up off the couch and raid your mother’s closet. See if she’s got any late 90’s early 00’s purses lurking around you can turn into recycled glory. Or go to Urban. Because they have a ridiculous selection.

I Guess We Should Talk About Chanel. by Elise
October 9, 2009, 3:56 pm
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I have to say, out of all the S/S shows, Chanel and Balmain were the two I found the most inspiring. Especially Chanel. If you haven’t checked out the show, check it out here on The way I like to handle new collections is by first watching the actual show, then by checking out the pieces look by look. is great for this.

Chanel is appealing this season (it’s always appealing) for it’s school girl charm. The models were smiley and fresh-faced, and most of the looks seemed to incorporate somewhat of a “little girl on her first communion” vibe. Karl Lagerfeld seems to just have pushed the whole innocence button, what with the farm atmosphere chosen for the show and the little veils and lace pieces. Best of all (and like Balmain) I think the pieces really seem to be the kind you can incorporate into the rest of your wardrobe. Trend makers: those little changes that you feel just make your outfit suddenly updated. A lot of St. Andrews girls could rock the sporty little suit, or the tweed mini skirts for class, and of course the flipped up, touseled hair.