Goodbye, Winter by celeste

In Scotland, summer seems eons away. At London Fashion Week summer is right around the bend. Color is definitely in store for the upcoming months, ergo this brilliant photo from the Pam Hogg Catwalk Show in London! Keep your eyes peeled not only for the photos from the London, Paris, and New York Fashion weeks, but also for the highly anticipated and quickly approaching St Andrews fashion events Continue reading


Don’t Walk Launch Party by Sam
December 9, 2010, 6:07 pm
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The level of shenanigans was extremely high at the Don’t Walk launch party. The Rocca is one of the best venues I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a while. It’s just a shame they wouldn’t let us blast the music. Our faithful photographers were there to catch all the action.

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FINALLY!!! Will and Kate get it on! by Dan

After 8 years of on-and-offishness, two notable St. Andrews graduates are finally engaged. Earlier today, it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to be lawfully wedded in holy matrimony. Rumor has it that Kate, a former Dont Walk model, met William at the fashion show’s notoriously messy after party a few years ago. The rest is history. King and Queen both St. Andrews graduates? We like the sound of that!

Congratulations William and Kate!!!

(img via

Don’t Walk Launch Party.. Where Were You? by Sam
September 29, 2010, 5:00 pm
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Last night was the infamous Don’t Walk Launch Party and SaintAndre decided to pop in for a bit. Continue reading

Welcome Home by Dan

First, an apology: At we strive to keep up to date as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we all are students and are subject to deadlines and busy periods throughout the year. Rest assured, though, we are back and we’re not going anywhere.

Now, to the fun stuff:

Hope everyone’s break was amazing and all that it could be. A lot of people have for the most part, gotten over the fashion shows (scars healing, friendships mending, hangovers finally susbising etc) but there is one thing thats pretty much universally asked: where can we get the music? Well my friends, the time has come to talk of just that. Below is the music from both FS and DW with direct download links. Enjoy this beautiful ear candy and next time someone tells you St. Andrews doesn’t have a music scene, you show them these.

Dont Walk

professor purp+gavris+dirty hard electro

Dont Walk 2010 First Half:

Dont Walk 2010 Second Half:

Professor Purple’s After Party:

gaVris’s Dont Walk Just Fuckin Dance:


Tocadisco Rocking FS:X

FS:X Part 1

FS:X Part 2

FS:X Part 3

FS:X Part 4

FS:X Part 5

FS:X Part 6

FS:X Part 7

Photos by Ben Goulter

DW Menswear. by Indie

The menswear at Don’t Walk this year offered some great takes on classic fashion. We really enjoyed this mix of muted pastels and greys to create some stunning formal pieces. Similarly to the styles we have been noting, the detailed blazers (something Sam and I love) looked really sharp. One of the pieces that stood out was a light blue jacket with hatched tweed inner lining – the contrast between the bold colour against the classic tweed created an interesting look.  Another style we noted was higher waisted trousers with turn-ups at the bottom following a 1950s style established last s/s. This trend continued into the casual wear adding to the futuristic clean image of the show. Two-tone shorts looked especially nice, with contrasting prints on each leg worn with white tennis shoes.

A reaction to the bold cuts and solid shapes  was seen with a much appreciated show of street wear, highlighting the current trend of varsity style jackets and graphic print tees topped off with some stylin’ shades. Feather detail baseball caps were a personal favourite of mine. However this was let down with the collections from G-Star and Diesel showing tapered jeans and some uninteresting t-shirts. Although they looked good print shirts have run their course in the past couple of years and they offered nothing groundbreaking for spring. However there was a unique display of torn jumpers and chunky knits, not so good for spring summer but it was nice to see that the models were allowed to keep warm when they weren’t showing off bejewelled underwear!

This was all topped off with an amazing display of Barbour – very fitting for the St Andrews style and to reiterate Elise, it showed us that there is more to this brand than the classic green waxed jacket!

Overall the show presented us with what can only be noted as flawless fashion for both men and women!Well done guys.

(pictures via Sam McCulloh)

(article by Sam and Indie)

DONT WALK Womenswear by Elise
March 14, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Our verdict for womenswear = very impressed. And here are our main reasons: The level of continuity throughout the show was very high. Although these shows present a group of potentially mismatched collections and designers, DONT WALK was able to choose them carefully enough to put them together in a way that made sense. We were wondering how the themes of the show would come together, since the fall and spring photo shoots were lovely, but confusing. However on the actual night there was this running motif of the futuristic, minimalist, and strongly feminine, and you could clearly point that out in almost every outfit.

Another reason we give DONT WALK high marks is because of how well chosen outfits pertained to St. Andrews. We’re always reminding ourselves that at the end of the day, these are student fashion shows. While everyone should always work to shake off the mold, we appreciate how well DONT WALK honored our town’s existing street style, especially through the Barbour section of the show (now we know there are many choices beyond the slouchy green), the fun mix of wearable sorbet colored separates, and the umbrella sequence which opened the second act.

But pushing beyond St. Andrews style, the show was completely on trend, both in silhouettes and colors. We just loved how unique so many of the pieces were, and how well everything was styled with strong painted eyebrows and even stronger jewelry. It was suggested that skirts might be getting just a little bit longer, and that perfect fit makes perfect. The show was not brought down by last minute shoe choices or overly serious models (two things that often stick out for us).

Anyway, to follow: menswear post and a photo gallery taken by Sam of the audience’s outfits. It wasn’t just the models who were looking good after all.