Its Called Awesome by Sam
September 25, 2010, 8:00 am
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Big tunes from Joker and TC were leaked a couple of weeks ago. “It Ain’t Got A Name” blends both the styles of both of these great producers and is my new jam of the summer (soon gone).  Take it, play it, enjoy.

 It Ain’t Got A Name


Why Americans Refer to All Dance Music As “Techno” by Dan

Let me start out by saying, I absolutely positively irrevocably hate the term “techno” that all friends back home use to refer to everything we civilized people here listen to. Electro is not techno. House is not techno. Dubstep is not techno. Drum n’ Bass is not techno. Yes, its all dancey, but Techno for everything that its given us, frankly, sucks.

For all of its fallacies, it will also always win. Every genre, eventually, becomes techno – and we like it anyway!
Dubtrance is becoming huge. Just look at Magnetic Man and Katy B. We’ll here’s the third nail in the electrostep coffin:

Enjoy your eulogy, dubstep, for you do not have long.

PS this song is absolutely and completely sick.

Crunksteppin by Sam
February 10, 2010, 5:11 pm
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At the moment Crunkstep is my favorite sub-genre of dubstep. Pulling elements from early hip-hop such as psychedelic synths and rolling basslines, then throwing in some of the illest electro-dubstep, it offers what I think is the best and most progressive sound in Dubstep today. San Francisco based producer Mimosa is the king of Crunkstep and is spawning a growing number of producers in the Bay area. Just recently he collaborated with Sleepyhead to create my new favorite mix. Its filled with nothing but unreleased tracks and personal remixes/refixes. This mix is worth downloading just to hear the songs I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly and Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella. I played the latter last night on some amazing speakers and I was blown away, it’s got one of the trippiest bass beats I’ve ever heard in a dubstep song. Give this amazing mix a listen and check out Mimosa’s Soundcloud as well.

memekastmk038 – Sexytime (Download MP3)

Set List:

  1. Fire – Sexytime
  2. Holla Like Whoa! – Sleepyhead
  3. Day & Night (Mimosa remix) – Kid Cudi
  4. Take You There (Sleepyhead thizzle refix) – Sean Kingston
  5. Club Steppin – Sexytime
  6. Freeway – Sexytime
  7. I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly
  8. Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella
  9. Superbad (Mimosa Remix) – Sofia Fresh
  10. Forgot About Dre. W/ Nelly Furtado (Mimosa Remix) – Dr.Dre

The Lonely Stoner Seems to Free His Mind at Night by Dan
December 1, 2009, 6:37 pm
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kid cudi-image via intraffik
Crazy dubstep remix of Day and Night. Check it. I know its terrible quality but its got that thump to it that all dubstep needs to have to be successful. This is another one of those dubstep remixes that can get people into the genre. Please please please listen to it even if you didn’t go to bassface and despise the genre. This might be the song…

Kid Cudi – Day and Night (Rusko’s Big Trombone Remix)

I Can’t Get Over This Song by Dan
October 4, 2009, 7:49 pm
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Seriously, I donno what it is but I just cannot seem to stop playing this song (well, maybe I’ll stop for the new La Roux album). Please check it out! Even if you’re not a big dubstep person now, I promise you if you keep checking this blog you will be soon. Also how hot is Lea Luna (that girl in the picture above), seriously…

Dan out.

Lea Luna – Leaving for Mars (B. Rich Remix 128)

Lustko (I love Rusko) by Dan
September 24, 2009, 4:35 pm
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Enough said.

From The Mouth of Porn – Tribal Ravestep by Dan

Has anyone ever checked out Noise Porn?

You guys should. They’re a great music blog based out of Edinburgh. Enyway, they just wrote this awesome article about the ever-favorite-among-music-blogs Hostage and got some exclusive tracks from him. While describing the track, they used the term Tribal Ravestep to describe this new Kuduro-like tribal beat coming from Hostage, Jack Beats, Larry Tee, Foamo, Buraka Som Sistema (I know they consider themselves Kuduro, but lets be serious here) and so many others. Take a look:

‘Badman Sound’ is a funky little ravestep monster which is full of wobbly goodness and soaring buildups. The vocal samples are fantastic and really add to the whole tribal ravestep vibe that runs through this tune. The synths here are as always superb, ripping their way through the tune (3.34 for some of the coolest tweaking sounds).

It totally makes sense. From now on, FUCK Kuduro, embrace Tribal Ravestep. PS if you’re from America (like me), you probably think that everything meant for clubs is “techno.” Well, its not, so get over it. Dubstep is not a band, Drum n’ Bass is not dead, and Tribal Ravestep is what hipsters from Philadelphia, Lisbon, and apparently Edinburgh listen to.

Also, going with’s fuck you attitude to anything legal, here is Noise Porn’s “exclusive” Hostage Track.
Disclaimer: We love Noise Porn, but come on guys, how long was that gonna stay “exclusive”? Two days? A week?

Hostage – Badman Sound (Noise Porn Exclusive)

(via Noise Porn)