Annie Mac’s Good Taste in Music by Dan
September 28, 2009, 11:14 am
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Dear loyal readers. Why does Annie Mac have such good taste in music but still manage to suck so much on Radio 1? Apparently one of her favorites at the moment is a wonderful little track from our friend Fake Blood. The song is called “I think I like It” and I absolutely love it.

Fake Blood – I Think I Like It


8-Bit is the New 64-Bit by Dan
August 29, 2009, 5:44 am
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While all these new operating systems are coming out, Boy 8-Bit is holding strong! He has a new track out surprisingly called “New Stuff.”

You can check it out on his mspce along with a whole bunch of other stuff he has done recently including a remix of Fake Blood’s Mars which to be honest, isn’t that great.

Dada Life – Dali Would Be Proud by Dan

Who’s into the next step of electro? I am! Check out Dada Life’s August DJ Mix and find out for yourself. It sounds like someone had a cd of this mix and while driving, opened the driver’s side door and scratched the bottom of this mix along the pavement for about half a mile then re-published it. I like it! Whenever anyone puts Sharooz, a new BN single, Fake Blood, and Major Lazer into one mix, you know he/she has taste! Not to mention Mehdi, D.I.M., SMD, and Hot Chip!

Dada Life – DJ Mix August 2009

01.] DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano [Brodinski Remix]
02.] Dada Life – Sweet Little Bleepteen [12″ Edit]
03.] D.I.M. & TAI – Lyposuct
04.] Savage Skulls – Bumps
05.] Mumdance & Brodinski – Eurostarr
06.] Boys Noize – Jeffer
07.] Dada Life – Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight [12″ Edit]
08.] Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge [Dada Life Guerilla Fart #TBA]
09.] Sharooz – Adrenalize
10.] Hot Chip – Touch Too Much [Fake Blood Remix]
11.] Tony Senghore – Avouch
12.] Major Lazer – Pon the Floor [Dada Life Guerilla Fart #TBA]
13.] Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine [Original Mix]
14.] Deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts N Whatever [Original Mix]
15.] Cassuis – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes [Dada Life Guerilla Fart #TBA]
16.] Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah [Afrojack Remix]
17.] Phatzoo – Think About The Way
18.] Acidkids – Mitch [Felix Cartal Remix]
19.] Siriusmo – Uninvited Guest

We Love This KID(DA) by Dan
August 3, 2009, 10:15 am
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Seriously, we love this kid. He seems to understand what’s becoming big before just about anyone else. You probably have heard his song “Feel Too Good” and his Anniemac minimix from a while back turned some heads. I’m pretty sure Feel Too Good is a back track for some Skoda or Fiat car commercial. The song is an anthem. Apparently he was scheduled to play this year’s Starfields but it seems to have fallen through as his myspace has nothing about it. His July full length mix features his hand picked tracks from this month as well as some of his personal remixes. Don’t think that this kid(da) is just a production prodigy either. A few months ago, he opened for Fake Blood at Cabaret Voltaire and tore the house down. Mad props. Check the mix here

Under the Sun Video (Herve Mix)

Track List:
Aquasky & Tee’ Ski – Back to The Top (Kidda Remix)
Sharkslayer – Manges
Chuckie – Moombah (AfroJack Mix)
Orbital – Lush (Herve Remix)
Bingo Players – Get up (Diplo Remix)
MIdfield General – Loving Laughter (Kidda Remix)
Shab Ruffcut – Twist (Bill Eff Remix)
Kidda – Strong Together (Heavyfeet Remix)
Totallyenourmousextinctdinosaurs – Bournemouth
Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Ernold Sane Remix)
Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn (Mad Kidz Mix)
Dance Area – AA 24/7 (Diplo Mix)
Tim Healey – The Mexican
Kidda vs Beyonce – Single Ladies