Goodbye, Winter by celeste

In Scotland, summer seems eons away. At London Fashion Week summer is right around the bend. Color is definitely in store for the upcoming months, ergo this brilliant photo from the Pam Hogg Catwalk Show in London! Keep your eyes peeled not only for the photos from the London, Paris, and New York Fashion weeks, but also for the highly anticipated and quickly approaching St Andrews fashion events Continue reading


Welcome Home by Dan

First, an apology: At we strive to keep up to date as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we all are students and are subject to deadlines and busy periods throughout the year. Rest assured, though, we are back and we’re not going anywhere.

Now, to the fun stuff:

Hope everyone’s break was amazing and all that it could be. A lot of people have for the most part, gotten over the fashion shows (scars healing, friendships mending, hangovers finally susbising etc) but there is one thing thats pretty much universally asked: where can we get the music? Well my friends, the time has come to talk of just that. Below is the music from both FS and DW with direct download links. Enjoy this beautiful ear candy and next time someone tells you St. Andrews doesn’t have a music scene, you show them these.

Dont Walk

professor purp+gavris+dirty hard electro

Dont Walk 2010 First Half:

Dont Walk 2010 Second Half:

Professor Purple’s After Party:

gaVris’s Dont Walk Just Fuckin Dance:


Tocadisco Rocking FS:X

FS:X Part 1

FS:X Part 2

FS:X Part 3

FS:X Part 4

FS:X Part 5

FS:X Part 6

FS:X Part 7

Photos by Ben Goulter

St. Andrews Lip-Dub by Dan
January 24, 2010, 2:20 am
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Last sunday, a great group of young university students met in the early hours on the quad. Hung over? Yes. Sleep deprived? Yes. Ready to sing? Absolutely. This is their story.

There probably is not another person who could have pulled this off better than Laura Fisher.

PS check out the special cameo from yours truly (I’m the crazy looking one with all the records – thanks Freddie)!

Don’t Walk is Back by Dan

For those of you who haven’t heard already, Dont Walk is back for 2010 and they’re back with a bang! Yeah I know its a little “late” in the year and FS launched their new look a few weeks back but in all honesty, whats the rush? Both of the fashion shows are in March 2010 – its not like if DW were to wait a few more weeks it would impact their sales at all. After all, they’ve never NOT sold out…ever. Word on the street is that their launch party is going to be at the end of November/early December with no definitive date or place set yet. I think as they have moved from sponsoring Invisible Children to Bottletop, we can expect a change of similar magnitude in the appearance of their launch party. I’m thinking stuff involving bottletops but who knows?

Until then, check out this sicknasty video our very own Sara Friend put together for DW’s launch.