No Mercy For The Warm by Dan

barbour+fur=canada goose

There are certain trends that manage to make their way into every St. Andrews student’s life. Barbours can be pretty stereotypical when it comes to St. Andrews (not to mention Hunters). More recently, fur has come into town like a wave of rabbits from New Hall’s front lawn. Even more recently, St. Andrews has seen a rise in what I consider to be a convergence of the two styles with a little goose down shoved in the middle. The Canada Goose jacket has become a staple in these winter months. I know there is rarely a day that I don’t consider wearing it just because it is so warm. Given, there are a few drawbacks of this style – namely its size – backpacks don’t work too well with these – but its plusses greatly outweigh its minuses on a bitter winter morning. There is no better feeling than being able to wake up in the morning, I’ll be honest, sometimes without a shirt, and be able to only need ONE layer when making the walk of shame (or glory) to North Point or Starbucks.


Don’t Know If This Counts As A Trend But It’s Nice by Elise
December 16, 2009, 3:56 pm
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I’m into the fur hats girls have been wearing around this year. A couple people wore them last year (if you remember it had already snowed by now) but more and more people have started wearing either the cold weather hunting style with all the fur flaps and the fur panels up top (I even saw one girl sporting one with a Russian red star) or just muscrat or mink caps. Both styles look kind of romantic and pretty, with long, strategically messy hair flowing out from underneath. Both styles are also ridiculously warm, though the hunting style probably more so. I think that hats in general are for those who are dedicated to winter warmth and unlike scarves and snow boots, not everyone can pull them off. Some of the bigger, more dramatic styles are reserved for those brave, judge-me-if-you-dare girls who are so thick on the ground in St. Andrews.

5… by Sara
December 2, 2009, 10:32 pm
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Giuliana Teso Fur Coat

5… the number of fur coats I spotted on my walk home from Nahm-Jim tonight. Seriously, PETA would have a field day if only they knew about the town where numerous university students own numerous fur items that they wear daily… what a crazy and amazing place we live in.

Roots of Practicality in St. Andrews Style by Sara

It might not be what everyone wears, but there is a definite ‘St. Andrews Uni style’. The essentials of this include leggings, skinny jeans, Hunter wellies, Barbour jackets, Wayfarer sunglasses, and some fur here and there. Besides the abundance of leggings and skinny jeans I already had in my wardrobe, I did not have most of the other essential items I saw around town when I first began Uni. I must say, it all seemed just a little too brand-name oriented; it was as if most students just bought and wore these items because they were staples in ┬ámost of the other students wardrobes. However, as the year progressed I found that the clothes I brought failed time and time again to protect me from the erratic combination of harsh North Sea-winds, freezing cold rain, and brief periods of bright sun. I have to say by now I have pretty much everything on the essentials list I mentioned above, and have found reasons for why all the items are must haves for this area.

Leggings and Skinny Jeans:

Despite the comfy nature of leggings, fun freedom of tights, and the sleek look of skinny jeans/trousers, they are actually all quite practical for the weather. The main advantages of wearing bottoms that hug the shape of our legs is that the ends won’t get soaked when worn out in rain and puddle ridden streets. Boots are quite helpful for this as well, and add that extra layer of warmth.

Hunter Wellies:

Besides the fact that Hunters are very sturdy and will last through the beating St. Andrews weather can give, it is more that wellies in general are a must. I them because they are sold in most of the shoe stores here.

Barbour Jackets:

I didn’t really see why people would buy a Barbour besides the classic British style it represents, but they offer so much more. The wax allows the jacket to protect the wearer from wind and rain, while most of the styles (even fitted styles) allow for layering underneath. Plus the durability of the fabrics also allow for an excessive amount of wear and tear; which is a must for those drunken nights of stumbles and falls.

Fur is one of those things that works for the cold of St. Andrews, but there are many great substitutes for that. Wayfarers are kinda like Hunters in the way that sunglasses are needed, for that random bright hour of the day, but the particular type is not necessary.