Lazers Never Die – Rave Review by Dan

maja laza
This EP is what MIA’s horrible new album should have sounded like. The opening track, Sound of Siren sounds like an anthem for our scandalous, thieving, decision-regretting generation. The EP keeps going with tracks like Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub) and Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) that could keep the party chilled for hours – in the best of ways.
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Diplo Got Busted by Dan
August 20, 2009, 4:07 am
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We all know and love Diplo, M.I.A.’s ex-hubby, DJ/Producer extraordinaire, and head of Mad Decent that has given rise to such artists as Major Lazer, DJ Sega, and Buraka Som Sistema. Well, now he got himself arrested in New Jersey.

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Rye Rye – Growing Up Fast by Dan
August 12, 2009, 12:05 am
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Did you hear the news? Rye Rye is expecting! Unfortunately, she had to dip out of opening for A-Trak on his most recent 10,000LB Hamburger Tour, and couldn’t play Lollapaloza as she has a child due in October. And to add insult to injury, her boyfriend, Evan Battle, was gunned down a few weeks ago during a drive-by in Baltimore. He was shot 4 times, one of the bullets piercing his spinal cord paralyzing him from the waste down. On the plus side, yet another hipster icon is going to be having a kid to cary on her legacy (M.I.A. paving the way earlier this year). Having played with Rye Rye in the past, I can tell you that she is one tough cookie and I doubt this is the last we’ll be seeing of this one. We’re all with you, Rye Rye! (via washington post)