Mash Your Face by Dan
April 22, 2010, 12:01 pm
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Picked up some sick mashups from DJ E this week. Something that I think is really gonna start catching on more and more is mashups/remixes/originals that combine hip hop and dubstep. They’re two genres that honestly should have met earlier. This first mashup is a delicate blend of Mt Eden Dubstep and Wiz Khalifa titled “Say Dubstep”

Mt Eden Dubstep vs. Wiz Khalifa – Say Dubstep

And the second is a nice little blend of DJ E, The XX and Mims titled “Intro Like This”

DJ E, The XX and Mims – Intro Like This


Wu Tang vs Beatles by Sam
February 10, 2010, 6:02 pm
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I’m a big fan of mash-ups. I remember going to BootieSF when I was younger and being blown away at the quality of mash-ups that were being produced. I think the seminal moment for me though was the first time I heard The Grey Album by Dangermouse. I’m a massive Beatles fan and I love Jay-Z, but to hear both of them mashed together was mind blowing. Nowadays mashups are an accepted genre that everyone enjoys thanks to the likes of Girl Talk and most recently Glee.

Just a day or so ago I ran across Tea Sea Records newest addition, A mashup of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and The Magical Mystery Tour dubbed Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers it is 27 songs of pure genius.  All of the samples are first class and Wu Tang’s lyrics meld seamlessly. I’ve given this a couple of listens all the way through now and every song is first class. I’d almost consider it better than the Grey Album, which says a lot because its one of my favorite albums of all time.  Unfortunately, Tea Sea was told to take down the tracks off their website, but it is still up on Soundcloud. I’ve posted the full mix down below, but you can find the separated album with a little googling.

Wu Tang vs The Beatles – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers by  TheSmokingSection

Oh Dave Wrangler, You Amazing Man, You by Dan

Dammit this guy is good. Normally we don’t post about this kind of music, but this guy just needs to get props. I haven’t been this excited about mashups in quite a while. In fact, for the most part I probably haven’t heard mashups that sound so clean since Brush Your Bittersweet Shoulders Off – the mash that rules them all.

Dead Prez vs Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Hip Hop (Dave Wrangler Remix)