High Renaissance Remix by Dan
March 23, 2010, 8:28 pm
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Recently there has been a large increase in mocumentaries about the so-called “yahs” (or “rah” if you’re from South England). And then I chundered everywhere now has a massive following in St. Andrews. My flatmate and I decided we would embrace the trend and dress up for breakfast the morning. As we were leaving, we were told to “have fun on our gap yahs!”

Along those same lines, High Renaissance Man, as I’m told, might as well be a true story. For those who haven’t seen it, here you go:

Still interested? Here’s part 3:

Now to the point of this post: that Tetris remix is SICKKKK.
Here it is for all your listening pleasure:


How WE Do.. by no40
March 19, 2010, 10:22 am
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You may have noticed that we bartenders are particularly good at two things: making fantastic drinks, and drinking said fantastic drinks with a passion and vigour unmatched by many. We start early, and last longer than Ron Jeremy on Viagra. Tequila is introduced early on, and becomes an easy go to drink when decisive action gets remarkably difficult. Mixing drinks is not something that we ponder long (if at all). The more families of booze you get through in a night the better, consideration for the day after is not how we roll. I mean f*ck, who doesn’t love starting the party at lunch and running riot until close, creating havoc worth telling stories about along the way (I thank you). Consideration for your wingmen/bitches is essential in this scenario. Respect them (with tequila), respect your bartender (with tequila) and you’re sorted for each and every other antic that follows.

I want to let you into a little secret, two secrets in fact. Two lowly bartenders were having a ball the other night, and had the ridiculous idea of combining sailor jerry’s and red bull. Now I know we slated sailor jerry’s recently, but my god does it mix well with the winged beast. Great accident.

Best until last however. One of our favourite drinks down at 40 is so rarely ordered that it seems that many are missing out on a fantastic experience. RUM AND APPLE JUICE. You just can’t make this shit up. Gin and Tonic may be St. Andrews favourite drink, but in my opinion it has nothing on this, the bartender’s choice. In particular Angostura 1919 with apple juice, an amazing aged rum which is rarely ordered. I swear the bottle on our shelf is getting crows feet. Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise by describing the taste, all I’m going to say is that next time you’re sitting in a beer garden with the fresh smells of spring in your nose and glorious sun on your face, saunter to the bar and order an aged rum and apple juice. Not that you should necessarily switch up your “usual”, but    YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Enjoy!

Forty Kisses

(P.S. I would just like to add that this has nothing to do with the vast quantities of apple juice sitting in our cellar..)


Don’t Believe The Hype by Dan
February 26, 2010, 8:30 pm
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40 kisses

Forty questions starting with why?, why?, why?..oh WHY!, did they have to f*ck with our beloved Sailor Jerry spiced rum may us bartenders ask. Yes believe it or not, but the blended natural mix of aromatics- (cherry, vanilla and almond) is about to be changed and changed for good. For all those that have the sweetest tooth in the world better be quick on the mark to lap up this lush rum because as of mid March, the product is being changed in recipe and stature. As one of our budding taste demons said “the beauty of our seen today Sailor Jerry is that it is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink”, now after sampling its replacement its like having the back of the throat brushed with a cactus. An ugly cactus at that. “Strong but goes down smooth” is undeniably true but changing the recipe so that drinking it neat is no longer a pleasure may be a shot in the foot. The essence remains, but the polish has been lost. If anything it is distinctly lacking in comparison. Rumour has it William Grant & Sons (the producers) were not happy with its mix-ability in an ever-growing cocktail scene, *cough**bull**cough*, thus the reason for change. Big Norm (Norman Sailor Jerry Collins) clearly has some issues if they are changing an already super-successful beverage, let’s hope his fan base does not cross the darkside and start bracing the dreaded rival in spiced rum, (it starts with M). Ha! Someone needs to tell this wannabe-pirate tattoo-artist to stop getting so off his god-damn tits so much. I dunno, maybe clear his head and get back in that distillery tasting room and produce some of the godly-sugary-coma-juice that once did hit the palate and start the party of sessions, that we have all grasped with both hands.
Apparently recipes grow better with age…and apparently all the bartenders in Forty are sex gods ahem, but jokes aside..We are hell-bent on the old sailor, and *weep weep*, sad to see the old boy go. RIP bloody good rum, hello sore throat. Over and Out.

Forty kisses.

40 kisses

Our New Guest Writers! by Dan
February 26, 2010, 7:45 pm
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the boys
Please give a warm round of applause for our newest guest writers, the Number 40 bar staff! Hailing from all over the globe, the Number 40 bar staff are known throughout town as the go-to guys and gals for drinks and recipes of all shapes and sizes. Through their articles, they will be exploring the wonderful world of drink making and giving us all some insight into what they do day in and day out. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

40 kisses

Business Before Pleasure Launch Party by Dan

the shoppe

Last night, I went to the Business Before Pleasure Launch Party to witness the launch of John Galvin’s new line of jumpers, ties, cufflinks, and various other branded apparel. Unsurprisingly situated in the No. 40 Ballroom, the beginning of the night had a refreshingly enjoyable and calm atmosphere. When I walked in, I was met by two gentlemen at the door wearing clothing from the new line. Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of free alcohol (Dos Equis and Patron Tequila sponsored the event) as well as the free hors d’œuvres provided by a very talented student. The music, too, was a welcome change – less dj more live music. There were of course DJ’s to finish off the night (Galvin himself then Dan Matthews) but this was not a dance party by any means. Not once did the venue feel too crowded (a welcome change for a St. Andrews event) if anything I felt more people could have been there.

The highlight of the night though had to be the new line. Previously advertising mostly by word of mouth and selling from a flat in town, Business Before Pleasure’s arrival into the legitimate apparel market was quite impressive indeed. The clothing was elegant and not just limited to striped cricket jumpers as it had been previously. BbP even had set up a store in the ballroom so the attendees got a chance to pick up something from the new line before it went on sale to the general public. One issue that seemed to come up often however was the decision of turning down the lights enough so people wanted to dance (unless they had taken a few too many shots of patron) or keeping the lights up enough so the shop could stay open. The management choose to go for the latter and keep the lights up. This shortened the end of the night with people trickling out of the room once they had their fill of the clothing rather than staying around for the music.

Ranging from new designs for his flagship jumpers to embroidered ties to custom cufflinks, seeing a student from the University of St. Andrews pull something like this off made me proud to be a student here. Check out the website for more information.

Last Night’s Highlights by Elise

If you went out last night you were probably (at least for a little while) at the Lumsden Club Cool Runnings party at Ma Belles. The place was packed with people, and although they recommended Rasta attire, only very few people were wearing that sort of thing. The bar was clogged, the music was a little bit quiet, and very few people were dancing, but the atmosphere was decidedly pumped. People were waiting in clumps trying to slip past the bouncers when the bar was filled to capacity (which it did, pretty early on). If the objective of the Lumsden Club was to have an event where people could go and know all of their friends would be there, they did a great job. And besides, who’s going to argue when the stamp to get in is only 5 pounds?

People who didn’t go to Cool Runnings were waiting outside the Lizard. Once you got in it was full, sweaty, and all for contributing to your really messy night. Also the floor lights up, in case you hadn’t picked up on that. 40 was full of people waiting to go down to Ma Belles, and there was a party on Bell Street that had rented speakers from RaveSoc early on in the day, and they attracted a lot of people at the end of the night. Successful Boozeday Tuesday. See you next week.