Fuck All Them Haters by Dan

Picture this: a movie about the beginning of the west coast hip hop scene (death row records) featuring Will Smith as Snoop, Morgan Freeman as Suge Knight and for some reason, Chris Rock as Dr. Dre. The movie is directed by Michael Bay (the guy who does all those explosion guy action movies re: transformers). That movie would be amazing. Here is the music from the trailer:


The Lonely Stoner Seems to Free His Mind at Night by Dan
December 1, 2009, 6:37 pm
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kid cudi-image via intraffik
Crazy dubstep remix of Day and Night. Check it. I know its terrible quality but its got that thump to it that all dubstep needs to have to be successful. This is another one of those dubstep remixes that can get people into the genre. Please please please listen to it even if you didn’t go to bassface and despise the genre. This might be the song…

Kid Cudi – Day and Night (Rusko’s Big Trombone Remix)

This Is Really Funny by Dan
October 27, 2009, 5:00 pm
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So Lenny Kravitz is old. I think we all know that. How old exactly though was kind of a surprise to me. He was born in 1964. More importantly, he has been making music for over 20 years and just recently released a 20th anniversary edition of what appears to be Let Love Rule with a whole bunch of stuff stapled on to the end. What makes this actually important though is that he got the kings of neofunk (Justice) to do a 20th anniversary remix of the title track (Let Love Rule). They even did a video to accompany the remix. Check it out.

Rave Review: White Lies – Death (Remixes) – EP by Dan

White Lies came out with an EP of remixes of their hit song Death last tuesday. Here is a track by track review:

Chase & Status Remix: It isn’t what you would expect but then again, maybe they’re going another route with their new songs (or something). It sounds incredibly mainstream of them and while they still manage to keep their dubstep/drum n’ bass roots, they are sounding like they’re either trying to expand the genres or leave it all together.

Crystal Castles Remix: Much tougher. this is definitely a side of crystal castles most of us haven’t heard yet. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it and am looking foreword to future releases from these guys. Its got enough of a beat to be played in clubs and it will surely stand out in your set. All in all, it might be the best of all the remixes on this EP.

L’amour la morgue Edition: It sounds like a Killers b-side. End of story

Mistabishi Remix: Totally awesome. What I like about this remix is that I think it really shows off the quality of the original song in that it just works with any genre that gets thrown at it which when you think about it is really the test of a great tune.

Haunts Remix: Really really cool. Reminds me of The Faint’s early work with less of a gloom-and-doom type lead singer. I don’t mean to mention the killers again, but I think this is kind of stuff everyone was hoping would come out of the Killers for their second/third/fourth albums.

At the end of the day, this EP is really worth picking up. At worst, it will show you how much White Lies sound like the Killers only much more interesting. At best, you’ll be stuck listening to these remixes on repeat for the next few weeks which doesn’t sound too bad to me. (image via panormx)