Jah-over by Dan

snatch much?
A lot of people have been asking me about a song I like to play right near the end of my sets. It goes something like this:

Rusko-Jahova (right-click download)

If you didn’t already know, that song is called Jahova and its by Rusko. It comes off of his not-so-recently released EP, Babylon Vol. 1. Its an absolutely incredible track that can blow the quilted jacket off of any yah any day of the week. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:

For those looking to experiment a little more with this track, here is the unreleased VIP version done by Rusko himself in collaboration with label-mate Caspa. Apologies for the poor audio quality – unreleased tracks have their setbacks.

Caspa and Rusko – Jahova VIP


The Lonely Stoner Seems to Free His Mind at Night by Dan
December 1, 2009, 6:37 pm
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kid cudi-image via intraffik
Crazy dubstep remix of Day and Night. Check it. I know its terrible quality but its got that thump to it that all dubstep needs to have to be successful. This is another one of those dubstep remixes that can get people into the genre. Please please please listen to it even if you didn’t go to bassface and despise the genre. This might be the song…

Kid Cudi – Day and Night (Rusko’s Big Trombone Remix)

I Know, I Know, I Know… by Dan
November 30, 2009, 6:06 pm
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I speak about Rusko WAYYYYYYYYYY too much for any sane person. I should probably stop. But in any case, this remix isn’t by Rusko, its just the youtube clip that makes it awesome is Rusko playing the remix at a festival in Sydney, AU. To be entirely honest, I don’t particularly like the remix that much. That was until I kept listening to it over and over again. Its not that I really enjoyed the song but I couldn’t get it out of my head and as that was the case, couldn’t stop listening to it. Now its still in my head and I keep loving it. Try it out. Lemme know if it doesn’t get stuck in yours too…

The Prodigy – Breathe (NumberNin6 Remix)

Check This by Dan
November 29, 2009, 5:39 pm
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This has been around for quite a while. And I’ve shown it to quite a few people. Since then, those people have enjoyed dubstep. I’m starting to notice a trend….

Check the youtube video for more. All I have to say is that no one has more than this portion of the song. I think we can all agree that this should be officially released but as of yet, it hasn’t (to the best of my knowledge). Post in the comments if you’ve found a legit download.

Going Rogue: Kid Sister and Estelle by Dan
November 18, 2009, 7:50 am
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Guess who made the right choice with their new song? Kid Sister and Estelle. Coming completely out of left field, they went with a man virtually unkown to anyone outside the UK: RUSKO. We’re huge fans of Rusko.

Yeah, you read right. Rusko produced this track. I feel like rusko is slowly becoming less like the devil’s son and more like if Todd from Wedding Crashers and Timbaland were to have a love child.

Check the song:

Kid Sister ft Estelle – Step (Prod by Rusko)

(image via Mad News)

Imogen Heap – Where Have You Been? by Dan
October 20, 2009, 11:28 am
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I have three youtube clips. The first one has very little to do with the second two. My question is: How did Imogen Heap go from soundtrack to the OC volume 3 to common dubstep remix? I’m going to be honest, I am a huge OC fan and even bought the box set for my girlfriend last christmas. That being said, I’m not sure the two should mix. Ever.

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (Rusko’s Come Ere N’ Say That Remix)

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (Enigma Remix)

Lustko (I love Rusko) by Dan
September 24, 2009, 4:35 pm
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Enough said.