Viv on Kate… by Olive

Oh dear, looks like Dame Vivienne Westwood has been ruffling some more feathers this week… She is quoted as saying that “I would have loved to have dressed Kate Middleton but I have to wait until she kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style.” Continue reading


Don’t Walk Launch Party by Sam
December 9, 2010, 6:07 pm
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The level of shenanigans was extremely high at the Don’t Walk launch party. The Rocca is one of the best venues I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a while. It’s just a shame they wouldn’t let us blast the music. Our faithful photographers were there to catch all the action.

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Dust The Cold Off Your Shoulder by Dan
November 17, 2010, 3:11 pm
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November in St. Andrews can be pretty grimm. After returning from reading week, everything can start to seem just a little more bleaker; but fear not! has the perfect solution. Continue reading

High Renaissance Remix by Dan
March 23, 2010, 8:28 pm
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Recently there has been a large increase in mocumentaries about the so-called “yahs” (or “rah” if you’re from South England). And then I chundered everywhere now has a massive following in St. Andrews. My flatmate and I decided we would embrace the trend and dress up for breakfast the morning. As we were leaving, we were told to “have fun on our gap yahs!”

Along those same lines, High Renaissance Man, as I’m told, might as well be a true story. For those who haven’t seen it, here you go:

Still interested? Here’s part 3:

Now to the point of this post: that Tetris remix is SICKKKK.
Here it is for all your listening pleasure:

Bibi’s Bakery Cupcakes by Elise
March 23, 2010, 3:50 pm
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Okay. It’s adorable. So cute. Guys will hate it. Well, maybe some will like it. They sell the cutest possible cupcakes in flavors like Earl Grey and Strawberry Cheesecake, plus some pink bakeware, like painted cookie-cutters in the shapes of animals and hearts. It reminds us of some of those tiny, trendy artisan bakeries in Washington D.C, where every single pastry is an art. The place was packed today, and although they don’t take cards at the moment, they will within the week. And it doesn’t matter that they already carried these cupcakes at Harbour House, and served them at DONT WALK. A new shop is always fantastic. Run over to South Street and get in line.

(photo via Sara Friend)

St. Andrews Lip-Dub by Dan
January 24, 2010, 2:20 am
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Last sunday, a great group of young university students met in the early hours on the quad. Hung over? Yes. Sleep deprived? Yes. Ready to sing? Absolutely. This is their story.

There probably is not another person who could have pulled this off better than Laura Fisher.

PS check out the special cameo from yours truly (I’m the crazy looking one with all the records – thanks Freddie)!

Fine Dining in the Bubble by Lucy
November 28, 2009, 9:00 am
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The St Andrews student is a curious breed. A barber-toting, welly-wearing bizarre sort of species, the likes of which is extinct in such venerable Universities as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. We, like any common garden student, prowl the streets in search of food on a budget, yet snub the likes of the ‘McDonalds’ and ‘Wimpy’ that usually form the foundation of collegiate diets, in search of finer fare. A quick kebab for lunch? Nay – in the land of the bubble we opt for gourmet Lebanese Khobez flatbread wraps, shipped from London, filled with mounds of oozing brie, fragrant harissa and lovingly assembled by Butler and Co.! It is only in such a climate as this that such celebrated (and consequently not budget friendly) establishments as the Seafood Restaurant, Peat Inn and Russell’s hotel Supper Room (to name but a few) could flourish when supported almost solely by the student population. We may as well admit it; – the proof is in these restaurants survival – we at St Andrews have a taste for quality.

For those seeking to explore these establishments, to try somewhere new or simply to broaden their culinary horizons, we at the Fine Food and Dining Society have compiled a short list, with reviews, of our favourite (more…fine) places in and around our beloved town.

The Seafood Restaurant has long held the reputation as the best restaurant in St Andrews, but does it deserve such an illustrious title? With this question in mind I approached the almost other-worldly glass cube, perched over the sea with a stunning 360 degree coastline view, notebook and appetite at the ready and eager, quite frankly, to stuff myself! On this occasion I dined in the evening, but I would definitely advise people to go for lunch instead– since you can actually see the ocean without the cover of darkness – and the set menu itself is less pricey (although both are definitely worth the money!). The dinner menu has the options of both the £25 Winter Menu, and the £45 one. The £45 menu does have a lot more options on it, as well as amuse-bouches and pre-desserts, but I found the Winter Menu perfectly satisfactory, despite there only being 2 options per course.

The food, quite simply, is delicious. Dishes like honey and soy braised pork belly with pea puree and heady truffle oil and grilled cod fillet with sautéed langoustines dripping with garlic butter adorn the menu. The food is always seasonal, fresh and prepared beautifully. The deserts are average but this can more than be forgiven in the aftermath of perfectly moist, flaky seafood…and besides- who goes to the Seafood restaurant for dessert?

Beautiful location, beautiful food and pretty beautiful prices: little glass cube, best restaurant in St Andrews? Definitely up there!

Sangsters is about 20 minutes drive outside St Andrews in the picturesque town of Elie. I shall not dally too much on this restaurant, being outside the bubble, except to simply state: fantastic. One chef cooking alone in his kitchen (no commis chef, no pot wash…nothing), preparing food that has won him one Michelin Star and simply the most divine food I have sampled in a long time. Book now.

The Supper Room at the Russell’s Hotel is situated on the scores about 3 doors down from Ma Bells and contains without question one of the most skilled kitchens in St Andrews. Acclaimed particularly for its regional Scottish fare it sends out delicious steaming plates of haggis, seared highland venison and hearty game pies; all cooked with a critical eye to fine dining standards. This cosy restaurant, full of character in its design and ambience has already been awarded 1 AA Rosette and numerous other accolades and deservedly so. The wine selection is fantastic and there is a snug, separate bar area with an excellent whiskey selection for pre or post dinner drinks. The society rate this restaurant so highly that we are threw a ‘Taste of Scotland’ banquet there on Thursday 19th November and left so gorged with delicious food that we could hardly stumble home!!

The Glass House: Although this definitely more comes under the category of mid-range than fine dining and although this choice may be controversial to some food snobs- snubbing even the mention of the dreaded word ‘chain’, I cannot lie: I do love the Glasshouse. The lunch and early bird dinner deals at 5.95 and 11.95 (plus wine) are almost TOO reasonable and as long as you don’t go in there expecting ‘The Fat Duck’ you can expect fast, tasty food with the promise of rewards (free meals and alcohol) if you participate in their loyalty scheme.

And there you have it…our favourite restaurants around our dear town of St Andrews – each of them perfect for a dinner out with friends or family and a each definite trump card for a ‘hot date’.

Many thanks and enjoy dining,

Courtesy of the Fine Food and Dining Society

If you’d like to hear more from the FIne Food and Dining Soc, get in contact by emailing them.