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Red Boots by Elise
October 17, 2009, 10:49 pm
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My mother once told me that when a woman needs to feel powerful she should wear boots. But I think every St. Andrews girl knows that boots are not just something you wear on a special occasion. They are a non negotiable necessity here. Everyone has their favorites. I like sturdy cowboy boots by Frye made in New Mexico, and our fellow writer, Sara, loves designer combat boots that roughen up her signature deconstructed silhouettes.

And this season, an apparently powerful accessory has met the traditional power color. Red boots are popping up all over the place. You might not think they’d go with the rest of your wardrobe, but check again. They give a playful kick to basically any outfit you’d choose. The bright, cherry red most designers have been putting out this season is very sweet girl sexy (after all, wasn’t that why the minister’s daughter from Footloose’s daddy didn’t want her to wear them?) Frye actually did a line of short, ankle elongating cowboy boots in a whole range of colors, but we’re still smitten with red. ¬†

We took a few pictures of girls around town in their red and rose pairs by Frye, vintage, and Ugg (top to bottom) paired with black tights. If true red is a bit much for you, maybe think about a mahogany or cherry-wood shade? Or you could always go with the Hunters.


I Guess We Should Talk About Chanel. by Elise
October 9, 2009, 3:56 pm
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I have to say, out of all the S/S shows, Chanel and Balmain were the two I found the most inspiring. Especially Chanel. If you haven’t checked out the show, check it out here on The way I like to handle new collections is by first watching the actual show, then by checking out the pieces look by look. is great for this.

Chanel is appealing this season (it’s always appealing) for it’s school girl charm. The models were smiley and fresh-faced, and most of the looks seemed to incorporate somewhat of a “little girl on her first communion” vibe. Karl Lagerfeld seems to just have pushed the whole innocence button, what with the farm atmosphere chosen for the show and the little veils and lace pieces. Best of all (and like Balmain) I think the pieces really seem to be the kind you can incorporate into the rest of your wardrobe. Trend makers: those little changes that you feel just make your outfit suddenly updated. A lot of St. Andrews girls could rock the sporty little suit, or the tweed mini skirts for class, and of course the flipped up, touseled hair.