Fun, Flirty, Afshin Feiz by Sara

Afshin Feiz is a British designer who graduated from the avant gaurd Studio Bercot in Paris. In his earlier years he studied literature at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Since 2004 Afshin Feiz’s fun, flirty and truly exquisite designs have been growing in popularity all over Asia, Europe and North America. I especially love how Afshin Feiz combined light and sophisticated fabrics and shapes with intricate ruffle detailing in his SS09 collection, ‘Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go’. It is romantic and feminine while still complex and engaging. Check out NJAL for more on Afshin Feiz. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


How Bout a Little Dip in the North Sea? by Sara
April 30, 2010, 8:34 am
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See you there!

Legends of Summer Style by Sam
April 26, 2010, 11:09 pm
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Ok Gentlemen, for the next couple of posts I’m going to be covering a few legends of style. These men exuded coolness and gave us inspiration even today. I’d like to cover a few of them before we head off to help make choices for your summer wardrobe.

First up we have a near-god-among-men, Steve McQueen. In this photo, we have McQueen showing us the best of summer; bare feet, warm weather, white slacks and t-shirts. Everything about this outfit is simple, but the ease in which it is worn is what makes it so cool. I love it and am now looking for a nice pair of white slacks.

Tom Ford and Lipstick? by Sara
April 26, 2010, 1:07 pm
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Yes, that’s right. Tom Ford has come out with his own lipstick collection, ‘Private Blend’ Lip Color, and I have to say, the ad campaign looks pretty hot! I mean sure, why Tom Ford lipstick? But then again, why not? We might not need another designer brand of make-up, but I sure know I will welcome it!

(via trend land)

Britto Bentley by Indie
April 26, 2010, 12:54 pm
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So the sun is shining, and I’m in the library supposedly writing an essay – naturally that leads to procrastination. But this time I discovered something pretty cool. A Brazilian artist named Romero Britto, famous for his colourful crayola inspired art work, usually its a bit too crazy for me – multi-coloured kittens or giant flower power apples really aren’t my thing when it comes to art. But when I read that he likes to express his artistic madness onto cars, I was pretty intrigued to find out that one of his latest projects was to inject some acrylic madness onto a Bentley GT Continental. The contrast between this classically cool car and its  bold blue and flowery body work look pretty awesome, and he is currently displaying it in a Berlin Gallery before he puts it up for a charity auction later this year — I wonder if they will let you take it for a test drive!?

Fuck All Them Haters by Dan

Picture this: a movie about the beginning of the west coast hip hop scene (death row records) featuring Will Smith as Snoop, Morgan Freeman as Suge Knight and for some reason, Chris Rock as Dr. Dre. The movie is directed by Michael Bay (the guy who does all those explosion guy action movies re: transformers). That movie would be amazing. Here is the music from the trailer:

Interesting line, Bangin’ Site! by Sara
April 22, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Natascha Stolle‘s most recent AW10 line is full of interesting patterns and shapes, however I am not as impressed as I was with the the SS10 collection. However what really blew me away was the site design! The half-German, one-quarter Italian and one-quarter Japanese, U.S. native now lives and designs in London. Check out her collections and moreover her amazing site!