Give me more Dior! by Sara

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DONT WALK Womenswear by Elise
March 14, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Our verdict for womenswear = very impressed. And here are our main reasons: The level of continuity throughout the show was very high. Although these shows present a group of potentially mismatched collections and designers, DONT WALK was able to choose them carefully enough to put them together in a way that made sense. We were wondering how the themes of the show would come together, since the fall and spring photo shoots were lovely, but confusing. However on the actual night there was this running motif of the futuristic, minimalist, and strongly feminine, and you could clearly point that out in almost every outfit.

Another reason we give DONT WALK high marks is because of how well chosen outfits pertained to St. Andrews. We’re always reminding ourselves that at the end of the day, these are student fashion shows. While everyone should always work to shake off the mold, we appreciate how well DONT WALK honored our town’s existing street style, especially through the Barbour section of the show (now we know there are many choices beyond the slouchy green), the fun mix of wearable sorbet colored separates, and the umbrella sequence which opened the second act.

But pushing beyond St. Andrews style, the show was completely on trend, both in silhouettes and colors. We just loved how unique so many of the pieces were, and how well everything was styled with strong painted eyebrows and even stronger jewelry. It was suggested that skirts might be getting just a little bit longer, and that perfect fit makes perfect. The show was not brought down by last minute shoe choices or overly serious models (two things that often stick out for us).

Anyway, to follow: menswear post and a photo gallery taken by Sam of the audience’s outfits. It wasn’t just the models who were looking good after all.